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How to avoid depression and qualitative characteristics of depression?

Updated: Monday, Mar 17,2014, 10:06:40 PM
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Classic depressive personality traits characteristic of qualitative

Depression qualitative behavior of the crowd is generally eccentric personality , attentive sensitive , introverted shy , sentimental, indecisive .

Psychological characteristics of the typical characteristics of melancholic

Melancholic person acted careful , deliberate , thoughtful and thorough, especially in the face of difficulties before selecting exhibit an indecisive feeling.

Typical characteristics of the melancholic state of mind

Melancholic person weak nerves , emotional instability, there is a profound experience for emotional and lasting . Often feel loneliness, but unwilling to take the initiative to communicate with people . Look what pessimistic, consider something easy like to bad direction .

Behavioral characteristics of a melancholic classic performance

Reluctant to contact with strangers , do not want to tell others about their own ideas , things slow but steady work , good at observing details , expression coy or too little expression , lack of interest , sleep quality, and low self-evaluation .

How to avoid depression

1 , control their emotions. Experiencing emotional control of the state do not hurry to attack, take a deep breath , give yourself some time to calm down, calm and then make a judgment on the matter , but do not seek temporary indulgence runaway emotions ; want to try something positive direction towards Do not be too pessimistic.

2 , to enhance communication with the outside world . Participate in a number of public events , and more to try to " go out" to learn to talk. You can find some common interests peers, to participate in these activities have a common topic .

3 , cultivate their self-confidence. Cheer for themselves in the mirror every day , learn to find their own merits , rather than self- criticism. For example , although I looks very general, but my character is very gentle, and work carefully .

4 , Do not be a workaholic. Work is to work , but might as well let yourself relax after work , and participate in some recreational activities, do any work .

5 , if there is already a tendency to hesitate , then to receive timely treatment to prevent disease progression .

Depression is so common , we have to do self-examination , once melancholic tendency to make timely measures to prevent deterioration of the condition . To maintain a love life, positive and optimistic heart, more than anything else , oh !

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