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Gastropathy one-third of governance, seven Custody

Updated: Monday, Apr 06,2009, 12:48:38 PM
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Gastropathy one-third of governance, seven Custody

You Dian Lee, the Chinese National TCM academic experience of the succession of the old teacher, the current President of the Chinese medicine hospital in Hebei Province, Hebei Medical University Vice-Chancellor, the spleen and stomach in the treatment of disease, have their own Liver, gall bladder, disease insights and unique therapy.

"As the saying goes, one-third of stomach governance, raising points. To heal the troubled U.S. 'old stomach', it is necessary to do more on health at." Filed one and good health, over sixty years, a strong body Professor Li Diangui on referred to on their own expertise.

In his view, the stomach a lot of people are not a result of their own. For instance, someone will usually loss of appetite, nausea, belching, abdominal fullness or dull pain on the situation, but always thought that food is good, stomach a little bit uncomfortable to eat their own medicine or forbearance passed. In fact, it is these neglected, resulting in the continuous development of the disease, severe, and there is even the possibility of cancer.

From traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach because the stomach is not just a bad result, therefore, have to take care of Yangwei spleen, liver. Professor Li pointed out that, with the exception of alcohol to stop smoking, the diet are the focus of attention.

The spleen and stomach health. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that diet should be based on symplectic spring temperature, light mainly because Xin Wen can go cold, dampness can light, so that human resistance to cold, rheumatism of the invasion of evil. Coixenolide can always use such as yam, jujube, poria, Euryale porridge, etc., in order to play the role of spleen qi. And greasy, cold, sour, hard and sticky Xin Tai hot food, hot fire will help and hurt the spleen and stomach, not to eat; vegetables and fruits could have been avoided, "lit", it is necessary to eat more.

Dependent liver spleen. Wang spring liver, spleen easy grams of cutting the spleen and stomach caused by disease, and the sour taste of the liver, it should be minus sour, sweet by. Sun was a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty said: "The spring should be the provincial acid by Gambari to raise tempers." Proposed date in the spring, many food, yam and so on. In addition, the excessive hair spring or liver, spleen and stomach can cause disease relapse. Liver function and with the spirit of the people closely related to emotion, so we must learn emotional self-regulation and control, timely vent unpleasant experience, and not to harm the liver.

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