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Depression may also be a headache

Updated: Monday, Mar 17,2014, 10:10:51 PM
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Depression is a very common disease , but do you really know about it ? A survey showed : There are 73.65% of people do not understand the true suffering from depression symptoms .

Many people assume that depression is a mental illness , then it will only be psychologically abnormal , such as happy, life boring , etc. , the body should be " normal" . In fact, this idea is not only biased, but also affect our judgment of depression , leading to serious misdiagnosis , with serious consequences .

From a professional point of view , depression , mental retardation, will hypoactivity three large clinical symptoms of depression . Patients may initially was listless performance in a short time , all things are not interested. But it is worth noting that , in addition to a variety of people there physical discomfort, for example , dizziness, insomnia and loss of appetite , etc. , but do not think he was suffering from depression. In the " American Academy of Neurology 64th Annual Academic Conference," American University neurologist Brigham Tobias Kool had published research results show that the headaches are suffering from a hidden risk factor for depression .

 Like a long time alone in the house female otaku house , due to lack of communication and communication with others , prone to depression and mood disorders . Suggested that such people arrange some time , contact with the outside world. Faced with the pressure of work , many white-collar workers are suffering from depression . White-collar workers who do not set the target too high at work, it should be peace of mind to look at everything . Older people 's ability to adapt to life weakened, any stimulus are prone to depression. To adjust the older way of life, strengthen ideological cultivation , cultivate cheerfulness , improve mental capacity to make psychosomatic forever young and healthy.

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