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Comprehensive physiological and psychic life cultivation and

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 11,2009, 12:23:12 PM
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TCM life has many methods of cultivation, but it focuses on regulations so that people should not focus on bias or a single mode. During this time, perseverance is necessary to achieve more holistic and comprehensive disease prevention and health care and rehabilitation of the natural environment to food, clothing, housing and transport, life rather than mental health, improvement of physical medicine for health care through sports, etc.

The principle of treatment based on individual, seasonal conditions and local conditions in the theories of TCM is also applicable to health and the activities of rehabilitation treatment. People differ on sex and age, the time includes the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, while the varied geography in the south and north, and the ups and downs . That should not be combined. Different methods of health preservation and rehabilitation should be reasonably adopted on the basis of differentiation of the similarity and difference in terms of the discussion that follows each chapter to get the best health care.

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