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Common early symptoms of leukemia common

Updated: Monday, Feb 24,2014, 7:12:54 PM
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First, anemia.

Anemia is often the first symptom of leukemia , mainly as pallor , weakness , fatigue, sweating, regardless of activity or at rest , feel shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat. With the passage of time gradually increased, the more severe anemia often prompt more severe leukemia.

Second, fever

More than half of patients with leukemia as an early manifestation of fever , for fever of 38 degrees or below 39 degrees or above 40 degrees of heat.

Third, painless swelling of unknown cause

Most leukemia patients have superficial lymph nodes, to jaw, neck , supraclavicular , axillary and groin common, often without significant pain , physical examination can be found in the liver and spleen enlargement, tenderness significantly lower sternum , this is a large number of leukemia cells in bone marrow infiltration performance.

Fourth, bleeding

Leukemia bleeding as an early manifestation of nearly 40%. Neurological symptoms of bleeding can occur in various parts of the body, common in unexplained bruising skin , mouth, nose, bleeding gums, menorrhagia , headache, nausea , vomiting, paralysis, loss of consciousness , such as leukemia and meningeal brain cells infiltration sake.

When they find this type of situation occurs approximation to do is immediately to the hospital to be checked to ensure that the best timing of treatment . And although there are different types of leukemia , treatment there are some differences , but in general , chemotherapy is the main treatment, usually in traditional Chinese medicine as a secondary modern medicine ginsenoside Rh2 is a common auxiliary drugs.

Ginsenoside Rh2 help for leukemia

In clinical treatment, if the tumor cells in the early induced to differentiate into normal cells or approximately normal cells could become a new way of anticancer drugs research. The extracted from ginseng ginsenoside Rh2 anticancer ingredient is in line with this requirement, it is a kind of reversal agents induce differentiation of tumor cells , it is immune enhancer .

Early leukemia cells under the effect of ginsenoside Rh2 can change their biological characteristics, so malignant proliferation control. By inducing the differentiation of apoptosis , can inhibit a variety of tumors , the tumor cells not only a change in the morphology of differentiation , and function in the differentiation changes occurred , and finally to the evolution of the tumor cells are re- direction of normal cells , including the aspects of gene expression many marks are close to normal cells , or completely converted into normal cells.

All in all, still has a lot of hope early leukemia , usually we have to take good care of your body , there is discomfort warning appears, be sure to attract attention , do not think just a small problem , mop it all right. But dozens of carrier lifetime , we are responsible for their own health , and more care of their bodies and their families .

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