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Cancer patients can be different from what Chinese medicine elections

Updated: Monday, Apr 06,2009, 12:40:29 PM
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Although Chinese medicine is only supporting, but medical treatment is very rich in content. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that because of tumor formation and Yu, sediment, heat, drugs, and false, etc., so to support healthy trends, Huoxue qi, spleen kidney, clearing away heat and toxic, Ziyin Qingre, Huatan Qushi, Onyang Yiqi are commonly used treatment. But it is worth reminding that the tumor governance, it is not possible, "one pipe all over the world", different types of cancer, in medicine has also sent a different side.

Take some common tumor is:

Onyang lung Qi: the main cause of lung cancer in righteousness are true, and poly drug imbalance of yin and yang organs. The vast majority of lung cancer patients will be pale, fatigue, malaise and other symptoms, therefore, "Onyang Yiqi" the law should always run through the treatment of lung cancer.

Lily used for solid Jintang side. Among them, the lily has Yiqi heart in addition to, the role of Moistening Lung cough, because contains colchicine can inhibit tumor cell division, which contains carotene, vitamin C, also related to the inhibition of tumor-related; days of winter may be dependent shade Tianjin, antitussive to stop bleeding. Therefore often used to receive more significant results. At the same time, lung cancer cough, mamillata, greasy moss, Fangchi available, ginseng, Aster, Banxia, such as Zhejiang Fritillaria Decoction match people taking Menispermaceae.

Clearing away heat and toxic breast cancer: early stage breast cancer often pent-up emotion for the liver and subsequently appeared in the symptoms of blood stasis stagnation of qi, blood, long life and heat, caused by strong insidious, as time goes virtual blood will decline. Therefore, before the main treatment, as appropriate, to reduce drug and dose Onyang to increase the heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, such as dandelion, a half support lotus, chrysanthemum, and so on. But it must not simply Qingre, or else they will backfire. If patients with severe pain, you can add frankincense, Notoginseng powder (swallow); if there is swelling, you can add grass Kawamoto, Fissidens grass, etc.; if cold chills,flabby, tongue pale, available arable land , cinnamon powder Institute, ephedra, licorice, etc. Health and Tonga match mother yang soup, very good.

Qi Jianpi cancer: Yang is the root of colorectal cancer incidence, heat, fire toxicity, stasis disease are marked, so that prescriptions should reflect Onyang Yishen, Jianpi the fundamental principle of qi, as Kiyotoshi heat, Qingre Xiehuo, clearing away heat and toxic methods should be modified according to symptoms. At the same time, in accordance with a variety of colorectal cancer symptoms appear, the heart medication. Blood such as it may add Sanguisorba, Sophorae; tenesmus may Muxiang Canton, Lindera aggregata; constipation can rhubarb, peach kernel and so on.

Yiqi Yangyin liver: because of more than 80% of advanced liver cancer are, therefore, Chinese medicine has become the basic treatment of liver cancer that can be used Shugan Jianpi, Qi Yin, clearing away heat and toxic, Huatan Ruanjian, Huoxue governance, such as qi is, enable a majority of patients whose condition has become stable. The basic side to Chaihu Biejia soup, chief of liver cancer pain, dizziness, throat, ringing in the ears.

In addition, cancer patients can also choose yi ren porridge, such as turtle soup diet. It should be noted that the complexity of the pathogenesis of tumor, to be served in Chinese medicine, we have to comply with doctor's advice. Since traditional Chinese medicine used inappropriately, can also give rise to adverse effects in patients, the use of drugs such as promoting blood circulation in patients with coagulation monitoring required, Qingre drugs do not harm patients with attention to the spleen and stomach, patients on empirical medicine should be used Fuzheng thoughtful. Otherwise, the medication properly, will promote tumor growth.

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