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Cancer: from the beginning to eat

Updated: Monday, Apr 06,2009, 12:29:55 PM
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We often ask, how far have cancer from the human? Gene era, proto-oncogene shocking discovery, the Pandora's box of cancer from birth with us hand in hand. Such as in science and technology and the rapid development of modern medicine with a skilful hand rejuvenation, many patients regain the hope of life. It is worth noting that part of the tumor must have "self-healing" may, therefore, the regular rules of medical screening, early diagnosis and treatment, and then nursed back to health, the prognosis of tumor disease is particularly crucial. 
a simple diet  are good medicine

Uphold traditional Chinese medicine "medicine food homology" idea, are always treated health Gomi 4:00. Five drugs, as "sour, bitter, Gan, Xin, salty," much of our daily diet vegetables fruits and vegetables are good medicine. Such as: five fruit, the jujube Gan, Lee acid, Li salt, salty apricot, peach Sim. If an appropriate combination, with appropriate taste, with delicious food and good health Gong. A lot of unique "five" concept has become well-known theory of classical Chinese medicine experiences, such as: "acid inflow, Xin lung, heart bitter, salty to the kidney, Gan spleen" is to "five people." "Sim go gas, gas, many patients do not eat Xin; salty blood going, many do not eat salty ALL; go hard bone, bone hard not to eat many; acid going tendons, tendons many patients do not eat acid" is a "five cut "and so on. Nutritionally balanced, due to appropriate actions a simple diet may change as anti-cancer.

Edible mushrooms of anti-tumor

Quite a number of books contained in the efficacy of classic anti-cancer ingredients, for the validation of modern experimental science. Such as: appropriate food arrowhead, Colchicine and derivatives contained in its composition to a variety of cancer cells to block the mid-division, for breast cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphatic sarcoma, skin cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, etc. Fuyi have cancer; appropriate fresh mushrooms, because of the Yun-polysaccharide immunoglobulin produced to promote the human body immunity,boby weakness who fit for human consumption, and chemotherapy drugs can increase efficiency, but also attenuated the digestive tract cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and other tumor effect is also good; appropriate Hericium eat because the food of many, many peptide materials, can inhibit tumor cell DNA, RNA synthesis, on the weak esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, have benefit in patients with colorectal cancer, such as the gong.

Strong spleen boby weakness relieve stomachic

Cancer patients weak this easy, and surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatment may also increase the burden of mental and physical suffering. At this point, if the dialectic illness, supported by traditional, good collection efficiency frequency. Yam replenishing splee, haggis weakness , Yishen; Lily Runzao cough, soothe the nerves Qingxin; dangshen Shengjin Moistening Lung and stomach Jiangni, detoxification treatment and sores; Cordyceps Bushen Yijing, haggis weakness benefit. Re-form the blood Ziyin medlar, benefits smart head; Bushen Walnut Des lung, Runzao purge; Mulberry Ziyin Buxue son, the wind Runzao income. Lentils Jianpi Huashi more white, less will be able to eat sugar treatment; Jujuba replenishing spleen, calm the nerves Yangxue can alleviate drug toxicity; longan cardio benefit, Yangxue soothe the nerves, blood and less than the most desirable ... ... If the virtual treatment with of black-bone chicken, yiwei of pig , wolfberry dangshen Ziyin of black-bone chicken porridge, white lentils pig tripe yam soup, winter melon stew such as Chinese caterpillar fungus nutrition are available, the color of smell and taste foods of benefit, the benefit both of Gong.

Cancer patients to reduce the carbohydrate

Some cancer patients because of serious complications and complications exist, calculate the need for strict control of intake of carbohydrates, lipids, protein, moisture, and the proportion of dietary fiber, such as quantity, such as patients with respiratory diseases should reduce the intake of carbohydrates volume in order to reduce the carbon dioxide production, reduce the breathing, to reduce respiratory muscle fatigue. Acute phase in patients with digestive diseases should be fasting or non-residue diet, intake of prohibited strong pungent spices and hard, crude fiber, fried foods, such as adjust the basis of a turn for the better situation. Their diet to be nursed back to health at major nutrition study carried out under the guidance of experts.

A number of complications and complications of cancer often take advantage of, like one disaster after another. High blood cholesterol, eating less, you can paste into some hawthorn, hawthorn has Jianweixiaoshi, promoting blood circulation, blood pressure lowering effect; high blood pressure, lit moment goods you can chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum has Shufeng detoxification, Qinggan Mingmu of work; the stomach, then sugar, leaving you orange peel, Chenpi can stomachic, antiemetic; hemoptysis, purpura, your clothes Do not go peanut, peanut convergence clothing can stop bleeding. Can be symptomatic of honey with nourishing Runzao, wheat Jianweixiaoshi of tea. Gossip, health fitness can relax.

Food and medicine at under the guidance of strong tonic

For most cancer patients, the people familiar with the "hair objects" should be eat many foods; patients, patients with concurrent drug Sores swelling, irritation spicy food in particular is a taboo; tobacco, alcohol, etc. should be managed to get rid of bad habits , wine, functional beverages should be in the discretion of drinking under the guidance of experts.

Note that a strong selection of rare medicinal herbs such as into the Senate, such as dangshen for therapeutic feeding programs should be formulated under the guidance of experts, and treatment to avoid adverse drug reactions, the impact of efficacy, just the opposite.

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