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Tea and egg mix, the impact of protein absorption

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 06,2013, 9:23:02 PM
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Tea when the attention of small problems, because tea with several grams of food, it should be noted that:

1, tea and sugar:

Tea bitter cold, people drinking purpose is to stimulate the digestive gland with the bitter taste of tea, prompting the secretion of digestive juice to enhance digestive function. Then there's the use of cold tea, to achieve the effect of detoxification.

Such as tea with sugar, it will inhibit this function. But there are also ancient tea with sugar Therapy remedies, diet can be as, if not with the usual tea is sugar.

2 tea and eggs:

Tea boiled eggs, high concentrations of tea, tea contains more tannic acid, tannic acid food can not digest the protein becomes solidified substance, affecting the body's absorption of protein and utilization.

Eggs as the protein-rich foods, so should not use tea boiled eggs for human consumption.

3, tea and wine:

Many people love to drink tea, want to achieve moistening hangover, consumer product of food, water passage effect, but it is detrimental to the kidneys.

Because drinking tea, theophylline diuretic effect, then the alcohol into acetaldehyde yet fully decomposed, that is due to the diuretic effects of theophylline and into the kidneys, the kidneys have a greater acetaldehyde irritating, thus easy on the kidney function damage. So kidney cold, impotence, frequent urination turbid, testicular pain and other symptoms connected while falling to.

4, tea and lamb:

Although often eat some of the great barnyard lamb beneficial to the body, but when tea to eat mutton, lamb is rich in protein can with the tannic acid in tea, "marriage", produces a protein substance called acid probe. This substance has a certain convergence on intestinal function, can intestinal motility, stool moisture reduction, prone to constipation.

So, not eating meat while drinking tea. Not immediately after eating mutton tea, you should wait 2-3 hours before drinking.

5. Tea and drugs:

Tannic acid in tea can be used with certain medications (such as ferrous sulfate tablets, constitutive ferric ammonium citrate, berberine, etc.) from a chemical reaction to produce precipitation, affect drug absorption.

If you use tea taking sedatives (eg, phenobarbital, stability, etc.), then the caffeine and theophylline in tea and other stimulants will counteract the sedative effect of the drug or weakened.

Because many types of drugs, not easy to grasp, so always with warm water, beneficial and harmless.

6, bogey tea after eating dog meat

Dog meat is rich in protein, and tannic acid in tea, such as eating dog meat immediately after tea, make tannic acid in tea with the dog in the protein binding of tannic acid protein. This substance has the functions, can weaken the bowel movements, constipation, metabolism of toxic substances and carcinogens stagnant intestinal passive absorption, to the detriment of health, so avoid drinking tea after eating dog meat.

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