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weight loss- How to avoid hidden calories

Updated: Saturday, Sep 04,2010, 11:23:04 PM
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'Low fat' foods

Be careful when reading food packaging requirements - they may be misleading. 'Congress', 'light' or 'low fat' foods may be less than similar products of fat, but they can still high in calories, fat and sugar.

For example, low-fat sausage, spread, and potato chips are still high in fat than other foods. Reduced fat cookies can still be high in sugar and fat calories, even if has been reduced. Remember, foods claiming to be 80% non-fat is still 20% of the fat content - which is still quite high!

No-calorie drinks are free. Many soft drinks (including carbonated beverages and sugar) contains a lot of sugar. These drinks are said to have 'a lot of empty calories' - they can lead to weight gain, but there is not much nutritional value. You can cut down to these types of drinks.

You should drink, such as water or sugar pumpkin 6-8 cups per day of non-alcoholic liquid. Unsweetened fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but also your five portions of fruit and vegetable intake part. But they are low in fiber and natural sugar high, so they should only be counted as one of these parts in any one day.

Salads and vegetarian

Many people think that is automatically healthy salads and vegetarian dishes. They are a good way to get some fruit and some vegetables to your diet. But pay attention to ingredients and dressings - they usually load of fat and sugar.

Try to avoid high-fat salad, cream sauce, or those containing fat, such as bacon, cheese and croutons. And reduction of vegetarian food, including high-fat ingredients like coconut milk, batter, such as cheese and whole milk and butter products.


High Street coffee shops are becoming more popular, and wide choice of drinks. Many large beverage and cream, milk or sugar, fat and calorie load. Try to buy smaller sizes for the 'thin', use skim milk beverage requirements. Try to avoid butter, flavoring syrup or sugar in the topping. Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, if you are doing at home is too hot.

Alcoholic beverages often contain high

Alcoholic beverages is very high heat. So if you want to lose weight, you need to consider reducing the amount you drink. Alcohol will also increase your appetite - some people will notice that they tend to eat more when they drink.

Select dry version of all alcoholic beverages - such as dry cider or dry white wine - because these are low-calorie version than sweet. Low-calorie mixer option, you can.

A lot of alcohol also increase your risk of many cancers, especially if you smoke, and.

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