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weight loss - please controlling your portion sizes

Updated: Saturday, Sep 04,2010, 11:25:02 PM
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Food growing

Large portions created a vicious circle. People who eat larger meals are used to seeing bigger portions of food and get stuck in the habit of eating plenty of calories but do not burn.

It is very easy and tempting to eat too much food. In recent decades, portion sizes of food sold in shops and served in restaurants has experienced phenomenal growth.

Research has shown that people eat more when given a larger portion of food they would normally do. You can not always rely on your body to store all those extra calories and adjust your appetite throughout the day.

So, to stop you putting more weight and perhaps lose weight, you should keep an eye on the amount of food you eat, and think about killing him. Here are our ideas to be party-savvy.
At home
    * Fill your plate with lots of vegetables (excluding potatoes). They are low in calories, good for you and help you fill.
    * Be careful when you read food labels. A "serving" of food as defined by the manufacturer may not be the same as part of a healthy business.
    * Eat on a smaller plate - you're more likely to eat less food.
    * Quantities of food smaller Cook. This will reduce the temptation for second servings.
    * Once you have yourself served, refrigerate or freeze leftovers so you're not tempted to have seconds.
    * Use small amounts of spreads or toppings and choose varieties with lower fat.
    * Do not eat in the bag - Place food in a bowl so you can see how much you eat.


    * If you eat a meal with many dishes, like tapas or dim sum, be careful how many for you.
    * If you have a choice for the regular portion sizes rather than large ones.
    * If you're eating at night, think about what you eat for the rest of the day. Do not skip meals - this could make you overeat later. Instead, plan to eat lighter meals earlier in the day so not to take too many calories.
    * Ask for food as you want. You could, for example, request sauces on the side. These can be high in fat, so you can get more control over what you put on your meal.
    * A salad starter. And you do not agree to order dessert until you finish your main course.
    * Try to split a starter or side dishes with a friend - he is sociable and reduce your calorie intake.
    * Do not feel obliged to clear your plate. It may help to decide in advance what you will eat and force the rest of the side of the plate.

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