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tips for parents,of your child's weight

Updated: Saturday, Sep 04,2010, 11:31:25 PM
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your child's weight

Children who are very heavy, even just two years, tend to have more chance of being overweight later in life. And some studies have shown that people who are overweight or obese as children have a higher risk of some cancers later in life.

children's weight varies according to age and stage of development, so it can be very difficult to measure if they are overweight. You can view the calculator for body mass index of children on the site concern the weight if you want to watch the weight of your child. Otherwise, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

By encouraging children to eat healthily and stay active, you can give them the best chance of having a healthy weight in adulthood.

What you can do

Most overweight children need adult support to be able to make changes in diet and activity are necessary for weight control.

The most important way to encourage your children to live healthy is a good example yourself. Try to get the whole family involved in healthy living. Keep a selection of healthy food at home, take time for a healthy meal together, and doing something together that everyone likes, such as walking, biking or rollerblading.

For more tips on promoting your children to eat healthily, see our Tips for Parents to the Diet and healthy eating section. Or for tips on promoting your children to be active, go to the Tips for parents to exercise and activity section.
Talk to your child's body weight

Body weight is a sensitive issue, but an important issue to discuss. Children as young as 7 can be dissatisfied with their weight and may need parental support.

Weight Concern has many tips and advice on their website to talk to children about weight. The site also has a separate body mass index from childhood simulator standard measure BMI does not apply to young children.
Pregnancy and child body weight

One child, AA weight may be influenced by what their mother ate before their birth. One study showed that if a mother has excess weight before pregnancy, her child was three times more likely to be obese at a very young age. And new research has shown that mothers who gained too much weight during pregnancy were more likely to have overweight children.

Doctors usually recommend that women should gain weight when they are pregnant. If you are pregnant or plan to have a child, talk to your doctor for advice on body weight.

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