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To lose weight eat bananas for breakfast

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:15:15 PM
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The diet do:

Breakfast only eat banana, but also slowly. Eat as much as they could, but only bananas. Don't eat frozen banana, because it is easy to make the stomach cold, affect the gastrointestinal function.

Note that the wash water to the diet of the time. Use morning and bananas should be drinking water at room temperature. The day should wash water, no special provisions must one day how much water to drink, just wash water on the line, but make sure to force myself to drink water in case of their own do not want to drink. Too much water to drink, can lead to edema, physical deterioration etc..

Lunch, dinner and the usual to eat lunch, do not need to control the amount of.

Afternoon tea can also be a little something to eat, but only eat a. It is recommended that the best selected a seasonal fruit, or some fruit, not recommended to eat meat and high calorie things.

Dinner to eat breakfast, cause weight gain most of the reason is because the dinner at the wrong time. Because eat dinner late, sleep, the stomach is still in the digestive state, can not guarantee a good sleep. Sleep, can eliminate fatigue. Can eliminate fatigue, will lead to physical deterioration, which appeared swollen, becomes easy fat physique.

The proposed dinner try before 20 eat. Although the diet mainly is eating a banana for breakfast, but parents also according to its own constitution decided to eat bananas amount, avoid the opposite, at the same time, we must ensure that the good work and rest time, can let the body into the metabolic cycle of good in.

The diet effect:

Improve constipation

Adult women, almost 90% in the dietary fiber deficiency, banana cellulose is quite rich, especially the problems with constipation, detoxification is not very good people, can use to promote intestinal peristalsis ability of banana, toxins and waste accumulation has long discharge, is expected in the short-term weight loss a few jins oh!

The elimination of edema

In the fruit, the most abundant Potassium Content of bananas. Our body contains various minerals, in which sodium can cause a rise in blood pressure, while the intake of potassium, can in micturition when, promotes sodium excretion and elimination of edema.

Remove pressure, anti aging

Bananas also contain 5- serotonin, can ease the pressure, stable mood, improve sleep quality, let you from the pressure of obesity. At the same time, the chemical constituents of the plant can anti-aging, make you thin body beautiful.

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