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The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight

Updated: Sunday, Mar 23,2014, 7:49:30 PM
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Chinese medicine treatment of obesity and the treatment of other diseases, like follow a unique theoretical system of Chinese medicine, the human body as an organic whole, visceral obesity is considered functional activity imbalance in the external appearance, that is, through obesity symptoms and signs off its etiology, disease location and disease mechanisms, whereby targeted therapy.

TCM treatment methods varied, from the perspective of the treatment of obesity, we can say that acupuncture is the best treatment. Because both the overall metabolic problems of obesity, but also the problem of localized fat deposits, herbs can improve the metabolism, it is difficult to specifically act on a local, partial massage for a certain role, but the overall effect is not obvious regulation. The acupuncture can not only effectively adjust the overall metabolism, and can flexibly select points for different situations, improve local obesity.

Chinese believe that obesity is due to spleen qi deficiency, phlegm, qi stagnation, blood stasis in the body due to stop evil. Stimulating the meridians and acupoints by adjusting the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney function, which is strengthening the body, but also by clear action to stop the meridians in the body get rid of the evil, which is evil, evil righting acupuncture to lose weight is through to achieve their goals. Acupuncture can not only reduce subcutaneous and omental excessive accumulation of fat, slim and beautiful people, but also can effectively reduce the excessive accumulation of fat around the internal organs, at the same time gives a healthy diet, and no side effects, long-term effects are relatively stable . Therefore, the effect of weight loss acupuncture universally acknowledged.

In addition to acupuncture, the ear pressure according to the specific situation with beans, acupuncture, massage, Chinese Herbs, herbal tea and other methods, not only can effectively reduce weight, reduce waist circumference, abdominal circumference, to prevent slack skin after weight loss, body sculpting beautiful shape, and can simultaneously improvement due to obesity caused by fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes. The whole weight loss process is not fast, does not rebound after weight loss. The Medical Center Comprehensive diet especially for obese people with fatty liver have a significant effect on the degree of obesity alleviate a lot of people at the same time also will reduce fatty liver.

Weight loss is not just giving the customer a slim figure, and is a scientific life guidance, healthy lifestyle, allowing customers to enjoy a lifetime of healthy beauty.

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