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TCM talk about obesity

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 26,2014, 7:45:01 PM
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Obesity treatment is based on the occurrence of the etiology and pathogenesis of using traditional Chinese medicine to treat or special party to adjust internal organs function, sputum Quchu pathological factors such as fat , so as to achieve a weight loss therapy . In recent years , Chinese medicine treatment of obesity phlegm capture shift from mere righting Quxie , both specimens . Obesity prevention method currently used are: Spleen Qi, kidney, Relaxing , etc. . Although its pathogenesis is complex , summed up , no more than the following:


1, priori : the formation of obese people with congenital physique.

2, diet disloyal : Since overeating Feiganhouwei intake of both fine and more, as part of its surplus fat cream , excessive accumulation .

3, organs dysfunction : Obesity is a digestion , absorption, metabolism diseases related to natural and stomach , the stomach is the official receiving the spleen as the source of biochemistry ; temper insufficient if not normalize spermatogenesis blood transfusion cloth subtle sufficient to support the whole body , and become raw cream butter phlegm , build on the skin, fat obese

4 , Lo Yat uneven : a long time lying , sitting, too little activity , reduce the consumption of food and nutrition for the body , resulting in turbid phlegm blocking charge on the skin , is an important cause of obesity . Though there are many causes of obesity , clinical genotyping when Bianzheng detailed scrutiny illness, disease trial Shi Fang , carefully severance drugs, in order to obtain better results.

Chinese medicine

1, pharmaceutical therapy
Drug therapy is carried out according to the pathogenesis of obesity or the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment designed side to adjust the internal organs function, pathological factors Quchu fat phlegm , so as to achieve a weight loss therapy . In recent years , Chinese medicine treatment of obesity phlegm capture shift from mere righting Quxie , both specimens .

2 ,Diet therapy:
Endocrine and other ways to play a role. Diet is a light-weight to certain drugs and the appropriate compatibility and processed food made ​​by cooking special foods with medicinal effect , and applied clinically to treat the disease. Becomes bitter medicine for the delicious herbs to meet the people 's tastes , and can take a long time , especially for the more appropriate aftercare chronic obesity.

Chinese medicine believes that the majority of fat people phlegmatic less gas , it should be noted that Peibu diet temper, phlegm and dampness, avoid Feiganhouwei , obstruction of the stomach and spleen stagnation of the goods . Regular consumption of properly here , there Qubing sickness, efficiency of light-weight fitness .

3 ,Acupuncture :
Acupuncture therapy is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture or moxibustion impose different acupuncture points to achieve a therapy treatment and prevention , which includes body acupuncture , moxibustion and auricular therapy, is an important part of Chinese medicine.
Body meridians throughout the body , running blood , organs and tissues and organs , such as contact . Acupuncture has stressed qi and blood circulation , coordinating organs function, Qi Shu and other effects. The disease of obesity in the spleen and kidney deficiency, marked as phlegm , qi stagnation , blood stasis , so acupuncture treatment for obesity have a certain effect .

Generally have more choice spleen and kidney , phlegm and dampness, qi and blood circulation efficacy of acupuncture , the clinical syndrome acupoints on time , Xu Zheng obvious fill method is often used in general , moxibustion, real disease accounted reducing method.

Ear and body acupuncture , as appropriate to reflect the changes in the body 's organs and organ , treat many illnesses, and ear has gradually become a popular weight loss , good effect, easy way , popular.

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