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Seven kinds of skipping method can make you fast thin body

Updated: Monday, Jun 30,2014, 10:58:29 AM
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1, simple skipping method

Ready for action: feet together, 2 to 3 minutes of jumping exercises (jumping height is 3 to 5 centimeters).

Skip, wrist to swing arc. Beginners jump 10 to 20 times, after 1 minutes of rest, repeat 10 to 20 times jump. Non - beginners can jump 30 times, after 1 minutes of rest, then jump 30 times.

2, single leg knee hop

Right leg bent, lift the forward. Standing on tiptoe, hop 10 to 15 times, for the left leg and repeat the action. Rest 30 seconds, on each side of the 2 round.

3, sideways inclined jump

This action can train your endurance, enhance your abductors and adductors. Two people a front one empress stand on both sides of the first jump, jump rope sideways single foot jump forward, then leaning back in situ. Jump should pay attention to force swing arms. Jump after 1 minutes rest 10 seconds, repeat 2 times to practice.

4, split and leg jump

Do rope skipping exercise to prepare, then skipping, jumping feet apart, at your feet together, repeat 15 times.

5, about the rotation jump

Two people skipping practice: one straddle the squat, swinging rope skipping curve to draw on the ground, the other is continuously from the swinging rope jumping. Increase the speed from slow, 1 minutes after the two alternative.

6, side foot jump

First from simple skipping method first, then use both hands wrist swinging rope skipping, right, not the left foot is tilted to one side, jumped 15 times. Change another one foot jump 15 times. Non - beginners can practice fast rope skipping, namely the rope from the foot when even jump 2 times. When practice, attention should be paid to feet do not lift too high, too slow, or easy to be tripping rope.

7, arms crossed jump

Do rope skipping exercise to prepare, then with arms crossed skipping. When the rope in the air, cross your arms, then skip crossing the ropes, double reverse recovery.

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