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How to lose weight the fastest most effective health

Updated: Friday, Feb 21,2014, 7:28:36 PM
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Core Tip : The most healthy and effective way to lose weight is fat -induced changes in habits, develop good rest , and adhere to exercise regularly , so not only can lose weight fat burning , but also to avoid sagging skin caused by weight loss and other problems.

300 -calorie breakfast

Breakfast try to select about 300 calories of protein and healthy whole grains . Natural peanut butter sandwich with apple butter is a good choice . Eat snacks each day.

Replace vegetable

Selection of fresh vegetables instead of meat on the pizza , such as arugula, peppers , etc., although seemingly not enough taste, but the taste is very good and can even forget like potato chips and desserts. Stick with it, the number of clothes slowly reduced.

Reducing dining out

Outside the restaurant or food stalls are often more fat , eat more easily lead if excessive caloric intake , causing obesity. If you frequently eating out , and now just try to go once a week , you can lose weight in a month 20 .

Prohibit nighttime eating

Sleep at night often do not require too much energy to maintain , so eating too much at night , often easily converted into fat accumulation in the body. Do not eat after six recommendations night , and weekend days can be as small relax. Generally adhere to two months will be able to see results.

Small portions of food

Before eating fast food is always great parts , and now try to choose small portions , such as: small fries or a small drink .

Healthy Snacks

Also eat healthy snacks , such as carrots and hummus .

Regular cleaning snacks

Regularly clean their storage room, will soon discover that there are people indulge in foods such as ice cream or oatmeal roasted sunflower seeds , etc., will throw them away. Best not to let snacks, especially their favorite snacks placed in their line of sight, so the idea of ​​eating will reduce , over time, can often reduce the intake of more calories.

Go farther Shopping

To maintain weight , try not to buy food in the snack shop or grocery store , you can try if you want to go farther to buy the mall , so you can lengthen the movement time.

Fitness anywhere

You can watch TV ads and washing dishes when do small movement strengthening exercises to burn excess calories.

Happy commuting time

After work, colleagues and seize all time for exercise, such as brisk walking home. If too far , the proposed metro , it is recommended not to be able to stand on sitting, standing tend to lean belly helpful .

Dynamic music

With iPod to the gym . Fast , dynamic rhythm for the whole movement is full of passion, virtually make you more exercise , in the music lets you easily thin.

Walk the dog

Pet for a walk every day with my 10 minutes , even if it is bad weather, will stick out . More exercise, can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, promote digestion , reduce fat accumulation .


After lunch, about 20 minutes walking or jogging for 20 minutes, 2-3 hours after a meal once again sport is often more conducive to weight loss. Running best to stick to general recommendations about half an hour , often can not play more than 10 minutes slimming effect.


Yoga has become my favorite exercise, one week to practice several times. Gradually, I found the body of cellulite gone, jeans size is also smaller.

Learning a new dance

Two months ago, began to learn Zumba dance practice twice a week . Substantial dance moves can quickly see the effect of weight loss .

Lifestyle adjustments

Do not insist on too much of one or some concept of health, should be based on their own needs , at any time to adjust their own way , so as to receive the desired effect.

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