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How to diet weight loss is the fastest and most efficient

Updated: Monday, Jun 30,2014, 11:13:49 AM
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The detailed arrangement of diet

Early in the morning to get up a cup of Warm Water 300ml

8:30 before breakfast: skim milk, cereal, whole wheat bread, egg white, tomato, apple, orange, kiwi

10:00 adds: choice of tomato, apple, orange, kiwi, pitaya, blueberry, raspberry, nuts

12:00 lunch: any chicken, beef, vegetables, Steamed Rice amount. The best conditions for boiling water, no oil, less salt, no terms as little as possible oil.

15:00 adds: choose yogurt, nuts, tomato, apple, kiwi fruit, blueberry, raspberry, pitaya, cucumber.

18:00 dinner: chicken, beef and vegetables arbitrary, than at noon in half.

20:00 adds: choose low-fat milk, protein.

23:00 before sleep.

Be careful.

1, fat loss as little as possible during intake of fat intake, such as the best choice of fish oil, olive oil, such as eating out with hot water rinse to vegetable oil.

2, quit carbonated drinks, sugary drinks, milk drinks, beer, processed snacks.

3, according to the individual condition added vitamins, daily to ensure at least 8 Cup 300ml above water.

4, according to the principle of small meals, lunch, dinner is half full seven.

5, if your diet staple food accounted for half of a meal even more than half, please adjust. Steamed Rice Steamed buns, this kind of carbohydrates to eat, but eat into fat. Adjust the diet structure, increase vegetable fiber in your meal components, this can have a sense of satiety is added to high fiber. High fiber foods are: Asparagus, carrots, celery, spinach, cabbage, corn, oats, pitaya.

6, don't sit to stand, walk don't stand, forming time of chest abdomen habits.

7, the best exercise time every day morning 8 points to 11 points, 2 points to 5 points in the afternoon. For office workers during the day time also never mind, the evening can help food faster digestion.

8, do not fasting exercise, one hour after the meal and exercise. Because exercise can obtain energy from the stored in the muscle and liver glycogen, so a half hour lunch (choose low-fat milk, protein, apple).

9, exercise 30 minutes prior to the start to add water, do not wait until thirsty to replenishment, sports do not drink, sip, reduce the burden on the heart.

10, whether the exercise intensity, the nervous system can be excited, at 10 in the evening before the end of the movement, in order to ensure the quality of sleep, exercise one hour before sleep.

11, make your fitness plan, weekly arrangements for 5 days, every time not more than 2 hours, so tired can not long persist.

12, in the fat, diversify your aerobic exercise, such as jogging, gym exercises, mountaineering, ball games, swimming, dancing, etc..

13, don't resist strength training, which helps to shape, let a woman more compact. Don't be afraid to increase muscle, increase muscle can prevent fat loss after the rebound, prevent muscle in the fat in the process of erosion.

Warm up 14, before exercise, after exercise stretching is essential, aerobic and anaerobic training last day exercise. If arranged in a day, the first anaerobic and aerobic.

15, don't fancy dieting to lose weight, it will only upset the female endocrine, reduced metabolism, vicious spiral.

16, no legs, Shou Xiaofu such local fat, reduce fat is integrity.

17, reduced fat need to persevere, science diet, regular rest, promote the healthy diet.

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