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Best exercise to lose weight before going to bed

Updated: Wednesday, Feb 19,2014, 9:46:57 PM
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This is a very fire way to lose weight in Japan , recorded every day before going to bed at night and the next morning to get to the toilet after weight values ​​, and then the weight values ​​and the same morning the night before subtraction to calculate the weight difference . The average value of the next three days down is "MY weight difference ." The next step is to take the day to increase the weight control in this value range.

Tip: Measurement of body weight as possible at the same day conditions, such as at the same time , with a dressing , whereby the resulting values ​​will be more accurate.

Mainly to low-intensity sports bedtime

We all know that bedtime is not too much intense exercise intensity , because this will make us the spirit of good to sleep Oh ! And for weight loss , it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

With a healthy diet

Bedtime drink a glass of milk, honey and a little water or eat bananas and mashed potatoes , you can replenish the body's energy consumption , and will not make you hungry and wake up , go to eat and drink ; but also can fully guarantee the quality of sleep next and improve the body's immune system , speed up the metabolism .

Sleep time should not be too late

Taking into account to ensure 8 hours of sleep , we should adjust their habits, goes to sleep at around 11 o'clock . The bedtime movement , editing suggest you start from 10:30 , so leisurely , so you sleep until dawn.

Within a time not too long , 15-30 minutes to

The purpose of the campaign was going to bed so that we ensure that more potent sleep quality in order to improve physical function , accelerate weight loss results. If it lasts too long , it will allow the body's biological clock confusion, so that not only affect the quality of sleep, weight loss is not obvious.

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