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Acupuncture weight loss and pain

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 3:14:11 PM
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Chinese massage for external non-wound pure weight loss methods, weight loss alternative medicine acupuncture law will cause a small wound, but the burying method is particularly sought after by young people. Miss Wang is from the Internet that a lot of girls her age are trying something called "burying Law" Chinese diet. Buried What line? How buried? Effective? Miss Wang's head is full of doubt. Browse a lot of medical sites, she learned that "burying the Law" is only in Chinese acupuncture an extension of its fundamental principles, or acupuncture, but everyone was busy busy day to report to doctors, so by this method the efficacy of acupuncture extended. Time to spend 100 yuan to succeed, Miss Wang, a Chinese medicine hospital have all been looking for her first acupuncture once, and then burying, 162cm height, 68kg weight of the original Miss Wang, a continuous acupuncture was found by a couple of pounds five times.

Acupuncture weight loss is a fundamental regulator of food into and out of. Through the acupuncture meridians to stimulate, cause excessive loss of appetite, digestion and absorption changed for the better, the body metabolism smoother. When eating less, much less exclusive, fat will naturally cut down. The fundamental is that the treatment is a body imbalance adjustment.

University of the First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Dr Colin Kwok-wah, said, obesity is still a kind of imbalance is the yin and yang, organs function disorders, through which the small needles used in acupuncture, to spleen, stomach mainly selected points, be stimulated will be obese patients pervasive strong appetite, consume less, excretion and poor symptom improvement, to regulate the function of organs disorder. After acupuncture treatment, most people could practically feel the original strong decrease in appetite, gastrointestinal function and mental state has improved.

The hospital Dr. Pan Wenyu introduced catgut implantation at acupoint protein to lose weight is to use a special line buried in the corresponding point at and let it continue instead of acupuncture needles to stimulate the acupuncture points of small period of time after the protein line will be liquefied, dissolved and was absorbed by the body, At this point only be supplemented catgut embedding, so the hospital can reduce the number of times, saving time. Want a more effective weight loss acupuncture, acupuncture needle, ear, burying, buried needles, acupoint injection, acupuncture and other acupuncture method of bloodletting had to use a flexible mix, sometimes with cupping, eliminate the body's moisture, and clear the meridians.

Acupuncture weight loss suitable for people

1. Are mostly fat blocks are soft and the soft parts of fat blocks.

Fat relative to the hard-block run, acupuncture weight loss is more suited to reduce the soft fat block. Fat, soft and hard, through the touch will be aware of. Doctors believe that the hard fat blocks the formation of more than an early age, it is more than the number of fat cells, weight loss acupuncture alone can not reduce the number of fat cells, so the acupuncture weight loss right kind of fat little pieces. Soft fat block is the size of each fat cell, to which we carried out acupuncture to lose weight fast and good results.

2. Body fat and abdominal obesity locally.

As the stomach is the spleen stomach of the Department, this regulation-based acupuncture weight loss method, the abdomen of the most significant weight loss.

3. Simple obesity.

Simple obesity and obesity are generally divided secondary obesity. Simple obesity that is simply too little intake of excessive metabolism triggered by obesity, can be achieved through acupuncture to lose weight. Secondary Obesity is caused by certain diseases, obesity, weight loss through acupuncture alone is ineffective or short-acting, and only through treatment of the disease itself, had stopped only after the true source of fat to lose weight.

Acupuncture weight loss taboo crowd

Bleeding physique, blood disease, blood coagulation mechanism of the question.

Because acupuncture needles to lose weight is a direct tie in the skin to stimulate acupuncture points, needle is small, but for some coagulation disorder were also hurt, so doctors recommend that patients do not make any acupuncture treatment.

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