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Acupuncture for fat loss

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 1:49:31 PM
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The direct destruction of fat cells to stimulate acupuncture points, bold execution, unable to do so, hold back the delicious torment is still extremely stout, only that a small needle, can be a time for the fat fat army defeated, all of them have been cut too emaciated, from the body Zi Jiao Jian Xiao Kan Feng Yun jade tree.

Acupuncture: tie points destroy fat cells

To Joji move to a small governing a large, this dialectical principle of people since ancient times has been adopted, syndrome differentiation acupuncture to lose weight is through weight loss method to achieve the purpose.

Needle for different enemies have different gatekeeper tactics of varying lengths on the different nature of tyranny needle  do? BR>
Some needle is only 1.5 inches long, suitable for rolling on the face and some fat, the more thin parts, a needle is sufficient to deal with the shortest won, to the swelling of the face bar on a little needle stick, the face to stimulate the acupuncture points once , Meridian is also clear, and separate ways fat soldiers have fled. There is also a steel needle is 7 inches long, devoted part of the fat thickness.

Once a person's diet irregular relax our vigilance, fat troops quickly occupied the site, the best way to deal with this enemy is the home of a dead duck and can not leave any to live on, in order to become a waspish Ann Xinxin beauty.

Then 7-inch-long needle can come in handy, and this little pin to the waist, a bundle, through the acupuncture points to stimulate the direct destruction of fat cells and eliminate them one by one fiber at a later time how to eat sleep need not worry about how to harass the fat.

An acupuncture treatment destroy fat cells

Acupuncture Weight Loss Chinese medicine treatment belongs to the scope, the main weight loss through acupuncture points to stimulate the individual to conduct dialectical implementation, and clear the meridians, regulate qi and blood balance, while the direct destruction of fat cells, so that the body reduce the number of fat cells and inhibit appetite so as to achieve weight loss.

The weight loss method is very simple operate, the doctor based on the different characteristics of obese and thus selectively in different parts of an acupuncture treatment. Doctors first be found suitable for obese points, select the appropriate size and use sterile needle, to the point as fast as a bundle, the doctor then the way is not only fast, but also light and accurate, obese when milli No pain.

There will be a feeling Suanma

Needle in the body to stay 40 minutes, many in the needles to stimulate acupuncture points, the meridians have been active, accelerating blood circulation, while releasing body heat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In the operation of the normal circumstances, the therapist will have a little bit of acid, inflation, hemp feeling, but acupuncture one is completed, this feeling will soon disappear, like a normal person can be as arbitrary action.

Not everyone can accept this acupuncture method, because it seems, who packed bar full of needles, really horrible. However, the integration of methods, it is suitable for those who do not like sports, they do not want a day of beauty, Ms. Chijianfeiyao, its needle point directly to fat cells, even a little pain is tolerable.

Expectant mother should not try

For obese people, the more calories also contribute to the causes of obesity, so acupuncture can be sent to the body's heat call, the obese will feel no hunger, most people did acupuncture to lose weight after a delicacy not very fond of , it was through this method to suppress the appetite to achieve the purpose of weight loss, obesity can willingly give up food, no longer have the temptation to torment.

Acupuncture is the body through the consumption of calories to achieve weight loss, if the prospective mother should never do this kind of attempt to stomach a small baby at this time but in order to strengthen the nutrition, how to get rid of the calories the healthy growth?

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