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What is athlete's foot?

Updated: Sunday, Jan 03,2010, 8:00:14 PM
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What causes athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus grows in the skin caused by the top level. Fungi in toe clearance and so on, such as warm, moist places grow.

Athlete's foot is easily transmitted. You touch the patient's toes or feet, then it will suffer from athlete's foot. But often is that when you are in the pool side or the locker room, walking barefoot, when suffering from athlete's foot. Then fungal growth in your shoes, if your shoes are too tight, air can not flow in your foot inside the case, this situation is even more likely to occur.

If you touch something with fungi, you might have to athlete's foot infection to others - even if you are not infected. Some people are more susceptible than others, athlete's foot, the experts could not find any reason for this phenomenon. You've got athlete's foot, you are also likely to relapse.

What are the symptoms?

Got athlete's foot, feet and skin between toes burning sensation and itching. The skin will crack and fall off. Symptoms are obtained by you determined the type of athlete's foot.

Mesh infection usually occurs in between the fourth and fifth toes. The skin becomes scale-shaped, spalling, and cracks appeared. Some people may also have bacterial infection. This can cause more skin rupture.

Soft slipper-type infection may be sore from the start began. Then, the Ministry or the heel of your foot skin thickening and and the emergence of crack. In extreme cases, toenails may be infected, thickening, Suidiao, or even fall off. Toe fungal infection requires separately processing.

Vesicular infection usually begins with a sudden and large fluid-filled blisters. The blisters usually at the top of the foot. But they can also appear on any part of the foot. In the post enough to get athlete's foot you may have bacterial infection.

How the athlete's foot diagnosed?

Most of the time, doctors carried out through observation of your feet got to tell you whether or athlete's foot. He will ask for your symptoms and past history of fungal infections. If your athlete's foot looks unusual circumstances, or the pre-treatment and have little effect, the doctor may then ask you to test skin or nail fungus.

Not all foot problems are skin athlete's foot. If you've got athlete's foot, and you have not won before, it is best to see a doctor.

How athlete's foot treated?

At home using the lotion, cream or spray, you can cure most types of athlete's foot. The situation is worse, your doctor may give you prescription drugs or painted on the skin of the external use. The use of doctor prescribed drugs. So will help you to eliminate infection. You also need to keep feet clean and dry.

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