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What food taboos leukemia patients

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 05,2014, 7:12:06 PM
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Also known as blood cancer leukemia . Medicine in the patient's diet taboos accumulated a lot of experience. Different diseases have different dietary restrictions , according to medical clinical experience, these patients present different food taboos :

Leukemia patients are required to avoid cold foods such as cold , cold dishes , lettuce , apricots , etc. ; are subject taboo overeating, such as alcohol , eat , edible oil slippery , Xingsao , frying and other food.

Moreover TCM leukemia patients addicted to food flavors can not be partial , liver ban Sim, heart ban salty, sour ban spleen , lung ban bitter, kidney ban Gan .

Leukemia Patient large virtual body , eat non-digestible foods such as fried , fried meat and bacon , dried fish , rice cakes, leek.

Leukemia patient if fever Avoid spicy , greasy, such as pepper, ginger, fat , alcohol and so on.

Deficiency patients avoid cold , cold, such as cold , cold dishes , raw melon , fruit and so on. Edema patients , all avoid excessive salt . Diabetic patients eat sugar.

If both the stomach also eat spicy food . Avoid raw fruits and diarrhea . Insomnia avoid drinking tea and dinner satiety .

Leukemia patients with sore boils poison eat lamb, crab , shrimp and spicy food .

Choice of diet blood disease diet, disease refers to food taboos . Food each have a certain effect , and can be treated with their corresponding syndromes , patients should be aware of some basic therapeutic knowledge to apply in their daily lives .

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