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What Is Qigong Acupressure Therapy

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 28,2010, 5:30:10 PM
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Qigong acupressure therapy is a particular form of qigong therapy. According to the nature and severity of diseases, common techniques of massage, such as finger-pressing, vibrating, knocking, patting, grasping, kneading, push-rubbing and rolling are used to stimulate appropriate acupoints, meridians or special places on the body surface. Therapists use their hands (or other body parts), reinforced by concentrated qi, to promote circulation of qi and blood in the body and to restore normal functioning of impaired organs. This mode of treatment is called qigong acupressure therapy because fingers or palms are used to apply pressure with concentrated qi to acupoints or meridians for curing diseases.

Qi is always applied in combination with concentration and awareness to the acupoint. Qigong acupressure with concentrated qi to cure diseases is a complicated therapeutic technique: it can only be practiced by a few qualified qigong experts.

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