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Treatment of potential exposure

Updated: Friday, Apr 09,2010, 3:28:18 PM
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Although the bite is a common disease is transmitted from bats to humans, exposure to saliva and other secretions can also lead to infection.

If you are from a bat bite or saliva into your eyes, nose, mouth, or wounds, thoroughly wash the affected area, and immediate medical care.

Bats have small teeth that may leave is not easy to see that mark (see picture). While many people know whether they have been bitten by a bat, there are certain cases where a person may not know or to distinguish a bite has occurred. For example:

     If a person awakening to find a bat in the room
     If you find a room in a child unattended bat
    If you see a bat near a disability who

If this happens, immediate medical care. In any case, the local or state health departments and medical assistance, counseling and testing bat rabies contact. When it can not be ruled out, the bat is rabies free and the exposure has occurred, (PEP) might be considered.

When the bat droppings, saliva, secretions, or other is considered in the vicinity, close attention to your health, in particular, no fever, chills, headache, muscle pain.

If these symptoms occur one after the area was probably near the bat, seek medical attention, and you must pay attention to the presence in these areas. Must be also noted that recent travel to any place, especially in African countries. This is especially important, because if it has been a potential exposure to bats less than a month.

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