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These foods can cause insomnia

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 18,2014, 8:44:08 PM
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1: Milk Chocolate

Studies have shown that the nutritional content of milk chocolate can promote blood circulation , improve people's cognitive abilities. Put another way , in fact, the brain is in a sober state , if you eat chocolate milk before bed will cause the brain to improve alertness , and even irritability, difficulty falling asleep , cause insomnia occur.

2 : Cheese

Cheese also known as cheese , yogurt , is a rich source of protein and lipid -rich foods , their nutritional value is very high , salts and vitamins , trace elements, and so can be absorbed from the cheese , a lot of good for the health . But a lot of cheese, which contains the amino acid tyramine , a substance with a refreshing effect, therefore , the experts suggest that we best not to eat cheese before bedtime .

3 : spicy food

These very wide range of foods , including both fried foods , and include chili, pepper, garlic, mustard , pepper , ginger , etc. These smell spicy foods. Especially for dinner or bedtime , do not eat spicy food, such as spicy chicken wings , etc. , this will lead to a feeling of heartburn occurs when lying down to sleep , in fact, this is the reaction of heartburn , affects sleep atmosphere , leading to insomnia.

4 : Smoked meat processing

Processed , smoked, pickled and other foods will have a lot of tyramine, will remain vigilant to promote brain releases a chemical substance . Experts say there are a lot of meat in the processing of tyrosine , dopamine in the brain to secrete more excited , not only will disrupt sleep , can also cause hazards to health.

5: Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea is a stimulant, has anti- fatigue , sedation , warming effect. But not everyone can drink ginseng tea , and inappropriate drinking will lead to insomnia and blood pressure problems. Therefore, experts remind , close to sleep do not drink ginseng tea , so not only will be more spiritual , it is difficult to sleep , but also easy to cause the symptoms to get angry .

6 : Functional drinks

Now available in a large multi-purpose cowpea drinks which contain irritating ingredients such as caffeine, will not only enhance the excitement of the brain, but also people improve alertness , speed up heart rate, increased blood pressure and so on. Such as Red Bull , which substances such as amino acids and taurine have a refreshing effect , people should not drink before going to bed .

7 : Soybean

Soybean nutritional value is very high, but also as a fermented seasoning most soy products such as soy sauce , tofu , miso, barbecue sauce , etc., but because it contains large amounts of tyramine , it is not suitable for several hours before bedtime the use , this will cause irritation of the brain enhancement, but also too greasy , affect sleep.

Tips: bedtime propolis , honey and drink warm milk can improve sleep quality, guaranteed to work the next day.

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