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These 8 kinds of flavor is good for health

Updated: Tuesday, Jun 17,2014, 10:44:56 PM
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Mint: relieve headaches, improve the reaction force. In seventeenth Century, England's most famous herbalist Nicola Kul pepper found, mint can solve common health problem of 40 kinds of human body, such as the hiccups, cough, cold, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, its refreshing flavor also has health care function. A new study by American olfactory study found that, when the mint is absorbed by the human body through the mouth or nose, visual reaction speed, memory and judgment will increase, fatigue during exercise will decline. At the same time, it is ease for stress and anxiety.

York University Medical Center found, mint in pain exceeds. The researchers to a patient mask spraying peppermint oil after operation, anesthesia and postoperative pain medication use was significantly reduced. American wheeling Jesus University also reached the same conclusion, that mint can relieve headaches efficacy.

Therefore, when you are nervous, anxiety, fatigue, headache or movement, kind of a mint in the home, or put a drop of peppermint oil drops in the tissues or a handkerchief, fragrance can be sustained for a long time; it can also be drop in the wrist, or chew a piece of gum mints, let cool smell and taste sleep together drive away bad mood and discomfort.

Cinnamon: alert force. Cinnamon is a common condiment, can smell of greasy, on health is good. A study published in the "Alzheimer's disease" magazine said, cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon and epicatechin prevent cognitive impairment effect. USA study found, cinnamon can improve alertness and judgment, especially suitable for car owners. The researchers suggest that, often driving a car person, can put a made of cinnamon powder sachet, or cinnamon scented air freshener.

Yang Li pointed out that, from the angle of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney, expelling cold, cinnamon can be strong heart. In addition, the antioxidant component of cinnamon rich can help you fight against aging. Therefore, the normal diet can add some cinnamon, in addition to stew cook, can also be placed in, cinnamon oatmeal porridge, Coffee in.

Bananas and apples: suppress appetite. America Chicago "treatment research fund smell and taste will" study, participants smelling bananas and apples in the mouth, can lose more weight, principle is the two odor can suppress appetite. Before a smell, can eat less.

Citrus fruits: sedative. A study in Austria found that smell, often orange incense were more positive. Yang Li said, Chinese medicine, fragrant citrus fruit with dampness, Qi, and may, in addition to refreshment, when you do not want to eat, smell the orange, lemon fragrance, can be eased. In addition, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind fruit flavor and Jingan town god role, put it on the bed, not only conducive to sleep, the soft colors, can also make a person feel warm.

Rosemary: enhance memory. Rosemary has a faint aroma of tea, clear the mind, feelings of pleasure. A new study from the Northumbria University in Britain found, smelling rosemary college students in a memory test performance more prominent, alert degree or higher. Rosemary is warm, hypnotic, still sweating, headache. Intense aroma can stimulate the nervous system, can relieve brain fatigue, enhance memory, improve memory decline, to relieve headaches, a soothing effect on the hangover, dizziness dizziness and tension headache. I can put a basin of rosemary on the windowsill, can also be added in cooking delicious food.

Lavender and jasmine: with your sweet dream. The University of Southampton study shows, sleep in the lavender essential oil aromatherapy room, sleep quality will be 20%. American Wesley College researchers also found that, before the smell of lavender slept better, less likely to wake up during the night. A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry "" say, with Jasmine can improve sleep, insomnia and anxiety.

University of Hamburg Sleep Research Center experts pointed out, the smell is a partial sleep environment, lavender, jasmine two fragrance can make people more relaxed, sleep more soundly. Recommendations usually at home and raise some jasmine or lavender, bath in the water a few drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil.

"Although the lavender flowers Zhumian role, but some people may be allergic to." Beijing Chaoyang Hospital sleep respiratory disease treatment center director Guo Xiheng reminds, when available, instead of natural fruit, such as apples, pears, pineapple etc..

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