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The thirty percent of cancer patients die from smoking

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 16,2014, 8:16:53 PM
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Current although smoking rates dropped in the United States, but in 10 individual cancer deaths have 3 died of tobacco, so the will of the efforts to reduce smoking in the United States is inhibiting the individual priority of death from cancer in the future.

As early as 30 years ago, British researchers analyzed the related research, concurrent is now about 30% of all cancer deaths of death caused by smoking is because; In order to provide accurate data to reveal the contemporary American association between smoking and cancer death, in this paper, we study, the researchers analyzed the national health interview survey some of the latest data on rates of smoking and smoking risks epidemiological data, the purpose is to assess the total population attribution score (PAF), which describe the cause of cancer death rates due to smoking.

The researchers say, a conservative estimate, active to 28.7% of the total population of attribution score, and if a comprehensive analysis, which includes all cancer caused by excessive death, PAF is 31.7%, of course, these estimates do not include by environmental tobacco smoke, or other additional potential cancer death caused by tobacco use. Although smoking prevalence rate decreased, but the researchers estimate that 2010 smoking and cancer mortality of PAF and 30 years ago, the researchers speculated that 30% is similar.

The researchers then pointed out that this does not mean decline in smoking rates will reduce the mortality of cancer, and other factors may also increase the PAF, including those who write for smoking increases the new cancer cases and so on; Finally, the researchers said, and our research results show that the smoking in contemporary America will trigger a three over ten cancer mortality, and reduce smoking may be a popular quickly and efficiently suppress individual strategies of death from cancer in the future.

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