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The sun to improve oily skin, what parts of the sun wonders

Updated: Thursday, Jul 09,2015, 3:43:21 PM
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Do you think the sun will make the skin greasy? Do you think that the sun is in addition to black? In fact, most people have a misunderstanding of the sun. According to statistics, the world's average life expectancy of 74 years of age, while in the sunshine of Australia, the average life expectancy of 83 years. The calcium content in the Australian bone is also higher than the world average of 18%. Health experts believe that in the southern hemisphere, the sun not only local people rarely occur the cause of common diseases such as osteoporosis, but also to Australian resident greatly prolongs the service life of the, plenty of sunshine, of great benefit to human health. As long as the sun does not over exposure, the sun in addition to the color of your skin will become deep, and will not bring you too much negative impact. And sunscreen and some small tips to deal with the sun can help you solve the problem of tanning, sunburn, let you enjoy the sunshine brings health gifts!

Misunderstanding 1: the sun will make you grow a little freckles?

The sun is much, the face can be a little freckles do? This is not entirely correct! The sun is the process of the human body to absorb ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is shorter than the wavelength of visible light light, ultraviolet a wave will make the skin photosensitivity reactions, accelerate dermal melanin formation, make freckles on your face. Can health experts found that ultraviolet A wave in the afternoon 1: 30~2: 00, to avoid the sun's damage to the skin, as long as the time to avoid this time.

Myth 2: the sun to keep your shiny face?

Bask in the sun for a long time, you feel the face is oil, makeup off? This may only be the illusion of sweat! Sweat will take away the dermal cells surrounding a small amount of oil, and the oil are floating on the surface of the skin, pores absorb more dust and make the face become dirty. On the face of the grease is sweat away, is the skin self cleaning process, so often the sun can actually improve your oily skin condition!

Misunderstanding 3: sunshine will make you up wrinkles?

Long hours in the sun, you will find the skin dry, small wrinkles appear on the face? This is a manifestation of the body's water shortage! Under the sunlight the temperature higher, a drain on your sweat at the same time, the body also in dehydration, as long as you in the end to enjoy sunbathing timely replenishment, there will be no trouble skin wrinkles. Women need to drink 1200 ml of water every day in spring, autumn and winter, but in summer, the need to drink 1500~1800 ml of water every day.

Three special parts of the sun focus attention

Women should choose to enjoy the sun bath. If you want to avoid being Tan, and want to accept the sun brings health gifts, so in the sun, do not forget to focus on the following body parts.

1 sun back, improve the body immunity

Walking in the back of the bladder, most colds, influenza and other diseases are due to the cold bladder. TCM believes that "thousand disease all damage to a Yuan Yang, body of Yin, Yang, often drying back, can dredge bladder meridian, enhance the immune system at the same time, let your health and longevity.

2 in the stomach, to flatten the lower abdomen

The sun's ultraviolet rays can accelerate the speed of abdominal fat, let your belly flat, slender waist. Suggest that you in the sun when lying down, wearing a sexy bikini, exposing the lower abdomen, let UV directly on the skin surface. Generally speaking, 15 minutes of the sun can play to accelerate the pace of abdominal fat movement. In addition, with reduced fat effect of peppermint oil also has a good effect.

In 3 feet, make your eyes more bright

Often sit in front of the computer, easy to feel dry eyes, extinguished? Liver eyesight, when liver meridian patency, your eyes will become bright and beautiful. The liver is started with the big toe, the sun's rays and ultraviolet rays have the function of balancing the liver through the operation. Suggest that you raise your legs in the sun, with the waist to the ground, straighten the knees, so that the sun fully covered with feet.

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