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The study of history artemisinin

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 06,2015, 9:24:03 AM
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Study Chinese antimalarial drugs originated in 1967 established 523 projects, its wholly-called malaria research collaboration projects in China, was established in 1967 May 23, due to top-secret military project, then set code 523.

After the success of 380 multiple mouse malaria screening, in October 1971 made medicine artemisinin screening. 1972 isolated from Artemisia annua antimalarial effective monomer, named artemisinin malaria rat, monkey malaria parasite inhibition rate of 100%.

1973 agreement with the laboratory results with clinical studies, artemisinin antimalarial drugs was born.

International Conference "artemisinin" sponsored by the World Health Organization in October 1981, held in Beijing, the Chinese statement "Chemical Research artemisinin" aroused great interest representatives, and that "this new find more important is the design and synthesis of new drugs that will further pointed out the direction. "

In 1986, artemisinin obtain a new class of drug certificate, Dihydroartemisinin also eligible for a class of drugs certificate. These results were obtained National Invention Award and the National Science and Technology Achievement Award Top Ten.

In September 2011, Chinese female pharmacists Tu Yo Yo created due to the contribution of new antimalarial --- artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin, get known as the Nobel Prize, "weathervane" Lasker Award.

In October 2015, Chinese female pharmacists Tu Yo Yo contribution due to the creation of new antimalarial drug artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin --- share 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with two other scientists. This is the highest award China the world-class biomedical community obtained so far.

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