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The inventory of 5 bad habits lead to hair loss

Updated: Thursday, Oct 30,2014, 5:06:47 PM
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Under normal circumstances, hair loss is a very natural phenomenon, especially with the growth of age, the situation will become more and more serious. But sometimes the loss is too much, we need our attention the problem of healthy hair. Russia's "Medical Forum" news network on 5 habits in daily life may cause hair loss of inventory, teach you to avoid injury hair misunderstanding.

1, wash with hot water

To find that many people enjoy hot water bath, but should not wash your hair with hot water. This will cause the hair dehydration to make easier hair loss, in addition, use oily substances hot water will wash the Scalp Shampoo natural. The best way is to use warm water to wash, and then re-use slightly cooler water rinse.

2, hair the wrong way

The hair will be the greatest degree of damage in the wet state. Therefore, in the hair is not completely dry before should not hair, or hair roots will become fragile and lead to hair loss. At the same time, with the hair dryer hair dryer is also harmful to the hair, the best method is to dry naturally.

3, the ponytail

Pigtail type hair ponytail and Africa is very harmful for the hair follicle is similar, so it is best to avoid the comb hair, but do not tie too tight hair.

4, excessive use of hair shaped products

All gel, mousse and other products to make the hair look very beautiful, but they are not good for the hair is.

5, the daily diet is not the law

Do not eat breakfast or dinner, stressful jobs and weight loss are not conducive to hair to absorb nutrients. In addition, the daily diet must eat fish, beans, eggs and other food.

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