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The elderly constipation can eat fruit improvement

Updated: Thursday, Jan 22,2015, 4:07:56 PM
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The elderly age, gastrointestinal function gradually weakened, less activity, so many elderly people often encounter constipation, constipation will give the elderly's health caused great harm, and even lead to hypertensive injury, then the elderly how to prevent constipation? Expert introduction, the fruit in the water is the best way to improve constipation, the elderly to improve constipation may wish to eat fruit.

The elderly to eat what fruit in prevention and treatment of constipation:

1, apple: Apple 1-2, daily morning and evening on an empty stomach, take a skin to eat, and even served a few days, the attending heat.

2, the banana: Banana 500 grams, anteprandial eat it all at once, 1-2 times a day, and even served a few days. Those attending heat.

3, citrus: Citrus cellulose and a variety of rich nutrients, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive, and reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure. Moderate consumption of a certain effect.

4, pear: pear laxative, diuretic antihypertensive effect. Can be eaten in moderation, prevent constipation. More suitable for hypertension constipation.

5: grapefruit, grapefruit can Runchang catharsis, but also can reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure. The amount of consumption, has a laxative effect.

6, strawberry: strawberry is not only rich in vitamins, but also contain pectin can Runzao, Sheng Jin, conditioning gastrointestinal, reducing blood fat, prevent constipation.

7, fresh mulberry: fresh mulberry 1000 grams, 300 grams of fresh honey, put the mulberry Decoction 2 times to take decoction, 1000 ml of concentrated, slow fire, add honey to viscous degree, cook for a ceasefire, boiling, cooling bottling. Each take 20 ml, warm water, 2-3 times a day, attending constipation caused by the blood. The old and infirm, curative effect is better.

8, other: peach, red bayberry, jujube, watermelon, apricot contains a variety of vitamins and cellulose, both prevention and treatment of constipation effect.

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