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The characteristics of leukemia

Updated: Thursday, Jan 21,2010, 1:05:20 PM
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● a sudden onset. Leukemia, multiple rapid-onset, short duration, particularly for multi-children and young people.
● the first symptom of fever in acute leukemia, mostly fever, can be expressed as remittent fever, missed fever, intermittent fever, or irregular fever, body temperature at 37.5 ~ 40 ℃ or higher. A sense of when cold, but not chills.

● bleeding. Is a common symptom of leukemia. Bleeding sites over the entire body, especially in the nasal cavity, mouth, gums, skin, fundus common and may also have brain, inner ear and internal organs bleeding.

anemia. Early stage of anemia, manifested as looking  white, dizziness, palpitations and so on.

● hepatosplenomegaly. 50% of leukemia patients appear hepatosplenomegaly with acute lymphoblastic leukemia Hepatosplenomegaly the most significant.

● lymph nodes. Body a wide range of lymph nodes, with acute lymphoblastic leukemia is more common, but not as acute lymphocytic CLL significant. Superficial lymph nodes in the neck, lower jaw, armpit, groin, etc., deep in the mediastinal lymph nodes and viscera in the vicinity. Swollen lymph nodes in general texture of the soft or medium hardness, the surface smooth and no tenderness, no adhesion.

● skin and mucous membrane lesions. Associated with leukemia, skin damage manifested as nodules, lumps, maculopapular rash and so on. Manifested as nasal mucosal damage, respiratory mucosa and oral mucosa and other places, such as swelling and ulcers.

● nervous system inflammation. Subarachnoid space, meninges, etc. leukocyte infiltration can occur, performance resembling brain tumors, meningitis, etc. will appear in patients with increased intracranial pressure, meningeal irritation, limb paralysis and other symptoms.

● bone and joint disease. Infiltration of bone and joint disease after bone and joint pain often occurs, performance of the sternum, humerus and the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee pain, etc. occurs, pain, occasional pain. Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia occur more than bone and joint tenderness.

● Other. Infiltration of leukemic cells can breath, digestive and urinary and reproductive systems, as well as the eyes, the lacrimal gland and fundus, etc. can occur in patients with diffuse or nodular changes in the lungs, accompanied by pleural effusion, digestive disorders, proteinuria, hematuria, amenorrhea or excessive menstrual flow, proptosis, vision loss and other symptoms.

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