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The amount of anthocyanin treatment of diseases

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 06,2015, 9:32:59 AM
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The amount of disease treatment

① control of malaria symptoms (including vivax malaria with chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria), artemisinin tablets for the first time 1.0g, 0.5g, 2, 3 days after each 0.5g 6 ~ 8h. First suppositories 600mg, after 4h 600mg, 2, 3, each 400mg.

② malignant cerebral malaria, artemisinin-water suspensions, the first dose of 600mg, intramuscularly, 2nd, 3rd intramuscular injection 150mg.

③ systemic lupus erythematosus or discoid lupus erythematosus, the first one month each oral 0.1g, 1 to 2 times, the first two months each 0.1g, 3 times a day, the first three months each 0.1g, every four times a day.


1 0.4-0.6g, 1 日 0.8-1.2g.

Deep intramuscular injection

1st 200mg, 6-8 hours later to 100mg, 2nd, 3rd intramuscular injection 100mg, total dose of 500mg (not severe first four days to give 100mg). Once every 3 days, daily intramuscular injection of 300mg, total 900mg. Children 15mg / kg, according to the above method within 3 days of end note.


First-served 1g, 6, ~ 8 hours before serving 0.5g, 2, 3, each serving 0.5g, course of 3 days, a total of 2.5g. Children 15mg / kg, according to the method described above 3 days served.

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