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Teach you the treatment of pharyngitis Dietotherapy

Updated: Friday, Sep 09,2016, 3:46:58 PM
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Sore throat is what causes it? What symptom does sore throat have?

1, obviously feel the throat area is not comfortable, but also accompanied by pain. Often appear burning feeling, smoke feeling. Inflammatory stimulation, or the proliferation of lymphoid follicles caused by the plant nerve dysfunction, and so on. Pharyngitis patients moment feel throat foreign body sensation, when the morning cough up secretions, even nausea.

2, pharyngitis attack, the throat will feel special itch. Because of the sensory nerve disorder in the throat area, or the inflammatory stimulation caused by factors. Sore throat feeling is also one of the obvious characteristics of a sense of foreign body, so it is easy to cause the symptoms of coughing.

3, chronic pharyngitis systemic symptoms is not obvious, mainly to the local, all kinds of chronic pharyngitis symptoms are similar, and a variety of different, such as the throat itching, foreign body sensation, discomfort, etc..

Pharyngitis what therapeutic side can alleviate the treatment?

1, candied Licorice Decoction

The dates of 8, 6 grams of licorice, licorice, jujube will add water bowls, fry a bowl, to the residue can be. Can be taken to drink, two times a day.

Effect of Buzhong Yiqi, Runfei cough. Applicable to chronic bronchitis, cough, throat sore throat and other symptoms.

2, Su leaf salad

Perilla leaf 60 grams, 30 grams of onion, green pepper 10 grams, salt, a little sesame oil. Three kinds of cleaning, and powder, add appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil and other spices, for dinner dishes.

The evacuation of the cold (diaphoresis), Liyan yang. Pharyngitis was the head cold outside.

3, Chinese caterpillar fungus stewed duck

Cordyceps, warm and sweet. Nourishing lung and kidney tonifying Qi, efficacy, indications of asthenia cough, hemoptysis and other symptoms. Duck, have nourishing Yin, diuresis and detumescence. Stewed Duck with Aweto and blood gas, clearing away heat, stomach.

For kidney deficiency caused by chronic inflammation, for pharyngitis caused by coughing, vomiting and other symptoms have a good protective effect.

4, wolfberry porridge

Wolfberry fruit 15 grams, 150 grams of glutinous rice. Glutinous rice, Chinese wolfberry were washed with water for 30 minutes, to a simmer porridge made. Take 1 bowls a day.

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