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See more green is not easy tired

Updated: Thursday, Feb 20,2014, 9:14:22 PM
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A study recently published in the " Journal of Environmental Science and Technology " on the first evidence that exercise can improve mood, vitality and pleasure in a green environment. In other words, healthy outdoor exercise .

Researchers at the University of Essex , UK selected 14 male students , asking them to ride on a fixed indoor cycling five minutes and watched a documentary about the forest. Subsequently , the researchers converted the video background from green to black , white and red , so volunteers to watch this video while three colors , and are riding a five minutes .

It was found that low fatigue when they watch the green video , but also to maintain a pleasant mood ; while watching the red background video , they are easier to emotional instability . Scientists analyzed , people in the short wavelength colors ( such as green and blue ) environment will produce a feeling of calm , and in the long-wavelength colors ( such as red and yellow ) environment more easily excited and agitated .

This phenomenon may be in the process of human evolution emerged . Because the original humans, green environment means plenty of food and water , to integrate green positive feeling in the evolutionary process of the brain , and preserved.

Scientists suggested that exercise in a park surrounded by greenery , is better than the gym . If you are unable to outdoors, the gym 's staff might recommend , green wallpaper photo pasted on the inside or the forest.

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