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Psoriasis sometimes is more than skin deep

Updated: Sunday, May 31,2009, 10:58:43 AM
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Psoriatic arthritis behaves like most other types of arthritis, joint swelling and pain. Small joints are particularly vulnerable to this form of arthritis - the closest to the knuckles of toes and nails, for example. Larger joints, however, does not escape. Knees and elbows and other joints may be associated with him.

For some - more than 7 percent - psoriasis is not just a skin disease. It is a combination of common skin affliction. Curiously, the severity of joint disease does not always parallel to the severity of skin disease, and in a few - about 15 percent - before a skin psoriasis.

It is reasonable to assume that the skin and events have the same cause or causes. These causes include genetics. Both events run in families. The immune system is involved in both. And there must be some environmental factors that trigger the disease. The entire image is anything but clear, but the image becomes blurred with less each year.

I have not heard of a scheme for psoriatic arthritis, and I have heard of a hot climate, it facilitates. Many arthritic, whatever the type of arthritis, feel better when it's hot. The joints are more mobile. Before planning to move, do not forget to stay for a time in a warm climate to see what is its effect on you.

The list of useful drugs for psoriatic arthritis grows. For mild cases, NSAIDs are often chosen. Slow-release indomethacin has the attraction of having to take once a day. Methotrexate, also valuable for skin psoriasis, has been successful in the treatment of common complications of the disease. New drugs, which denies that generate inflammatory arthritis, have recently been at the forefront. Examples are Enbrel, Humira and Remicade.

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