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Prevention of diabetic foot

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 27,2010, 4:05:34 PM
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What is the Diabetic Foot

      Diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, micro-vascular disease, large vessel disease and poor health among the many factors that caused by complex interactions. Often due to infection in diabetic foot gangrene caused by foot and the next technology, known as "diabetic foot." Expressed as foot numbness, feeling numb, chills, pain. Once the disease because of its treatment of complex, difficult large, will face consequences such as amputation. Therefore, diabetic foot disease is a severe complication of diabetes, one of the most horrible.

      Patients with diabetes due to the high viscosity of blood sugar, blood circulation is poor, if there foot wounds, it is easy to infection and difficult to heal, because there is no perception of lower extremity in patients with diabetic foot, and some water, when patients with foot burns, sleep was bitten by rats are do not know, a serious infection of the wound can not heal our only choice is amputation.

      Active prevention of diabetic foot

      Although diabetes is a lifelong disease, but complications such as diabetic foot can be prevented, as long as proper preventive health care entirely to avoid complications of death and disability.

      1, with a reasonable diet, controlling sugar, protein intake, to avoid aggravating the symptoms of diabetes;

      2, control of smoking, smoking can aggravate atherosclerosis, can cause small blood vessels spasm, increased lower limb and foot ischemia;
      3, to enhance functional exercise, especially walking, swimming, riding a bike to promote blood circulation of great benefit to the foot;

      4 Do not wear too thin, too narrow, too sharp shoes, because that will squeeze your foot heavier foot ischemia;

      5, to avoid unnecessary trauma, such as: shoes, shoes checked before the strike if there was foreign body, uplift, and friction to avoid the stab wounds; Do not wear sandals, not to walk barefoot to avoid scratching, stabbing and cutting injuries;

      6, do not cross cross-legged to avoid the reduction of blood circulation of the foot;

      7, when your feet are feeling weakened or numbness, do not prolonged exposure to heat, cold material, to avoid burns or frostbite;

      8, found himself suffering from diabetes, you should apply the law of control of blood sugar drugs, so that blood sugar to normal range. And always care for your feet,. When the foot skin color, temperature sensation, touch and other abnormal change or some minor injuries, please look for the doctors to diagnose a timely manner.

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