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Pregnancy supplement vitamin D, baby allergies less

Updated: Monday, Mar 07,2016, 2:36:01 PM
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Recently, a U.S. study found that pregnant women eat more foods rich in vitamin D, help to reduce the risk of children suffering from allergies.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the United States Department of Pediatrics, 1248 American mothers and their children launched a study, the time span from third months pregnant mothers have continued to children 7 years of age. The results found that pregnant intake of vitamin D rich foods (equivalent to 1 cups of milk a day of vitamin D content), can make the child in the school age hay fever prevalence decreased by 20%. However, vitamin D supplementation through the drug does not have this effect. Foods rich in vitamin D include fish, eggs, dairy products, mushrooms, grains, etc..

Vitamin D is important in regulating the immune system and in the prevention of asthma, Dr. Boone Ivan Niki said. The study to remind the majority of mothers, through the increase in vitamin D food, including food, including the diet, will be beneficial to reduce the risk of allergies baby in the future, so that the baby more healthy.

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