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Patients with liver cancer diet

Updated: Thursday, Feb 04,2010, 3:39:28 PM
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Liver detoxification function of liver cancer patients due to decreased liver protection should eat more foods such as soft-shelled turtles, mushrooms, beans, etc.; if there is ascites, should limit salt intake; jaundice, should be forbidden greasy food, should eat carp, loach , sweet potato, water bamboo, water chestnuts, kumquats and so on.

In addition, the liver function in patients with poor blood coagulation, should be more consumed with blood, hemostatic effect of food, or an appropriate increase in vitamin K and vitamin C containing foods, such as ebony, seabuckthorn and other.

Liver cancer patients must ensure adequate nutritional intake, generally high-protein, high-sugar, high-and low-fat diet consisting mainly of vitamins, such as lean meat, eggs and yogurt, fresh fruit juices, fresh vegetables juices. In particular, fresh vegetables and fruits, every meal must have in order to maintain smooth stool. However, many patients with hepatocellular carcinoma with esophageal varices, in order to prevent bleeding, food should not be rough and can not be hard, too hot.

In addition, patients with liver disease should be prioritized according to their condition, following the principle of personalization. People's Liberation Army 302 Hospital, deputy director of Department of Infectious Diseases Dr. Jiang Tian-jun pointed out that in patients with cirrhosis, diet should be soft, cool, easily digested, such as bread, pasta, patch, egg soup, ham and so on, we do not carry a large number of short-term consumption of high-protein food in order to sharp rise in anti-ammonia concentration, resulting in hepatic coma.

Patients with chronic hepatitis should be drinking, you can consume some amount of honey, Feng Ru, soy milk, mushrooms, fish and so on. Soy milk can be used as standing in patients with chronic hepatitis drinks, mushrooms are rich in nutrients, especially amino acids and vitamins, there are anti-bacterial, anti-cancer role and function of spleen appetizers.

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