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Nutritionists tell you: women and flawless skin depends to eat

Updated: Sunday, Mar 09,2014, 9:33:02 PM
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Nutrition expert Dana James, shared her favorite , perfect complexion eat natural foods , the effect is even more smear whitening cream. Keep in mind the following simple recipes, not only to satisfy your stomach , but also make the skin " satiate ."


Papaya contains a lot of vitamin C, helps brighten and tighten the skin , as well as to promote new skin of provitamin A, vitamin C serums and set exfoliant all-in- one . Not only can be used as facial scrub , papaya food can also play a very good cosmetic results. Papaya also contains digestive enzymes , papain, helps fight inflammation, reduce skin redness.

Simple recipe :

Papaya milkshake , almond milk and honey skin care are the panacea . Or you can try the fish coupled with papaya , carrots and parsley and onion seasoning made ​​.

Coconut yogurt

Wholesome coconut milk with coconut milk fermentation bacteria , it becomes more profitable coconut yogurt . Cup coconut yogurt contains 15 billion CFU ( colony forming units , Colony Forming Unit) probiotics , probiotic content of this homemade yogurt , yogurt is about three times more than the other . These probiotics can inhibit cause acne and endocrine disorders pathogenic microorganisms , keep your skin fresh. Coconut yogurt contains natural sugars , can replace the body's craving sugar , but sugar is undoubtedly the greatest enemy of the skin .

Simple recipe :

First thing in the morning to get up , drink a cup of coconut yogurt is fasting , which helps more active probiotics play a role.

Black sesame seeds

If you often stay up late , or like drinking , black sesame can help you recover skin elasticity and luster. Black sesame seeds are rich in essential fatty acids , oleic acid , amino acids, potassium and fiber , so rich in nutrients, suitable to add to every meal .

Simple recipe :

The black sesame seeds sprinkled on your favorite salad, or on any other food .


By stimulating the lymphatic system , beets can reverse skin dull , helps dull, dull skin to reproduce glossy , but take away the body of garbage . The ability of sugar beet can carry oxygen in the blood increased to 400% , making the skin more vibrant , and may even help reduce the appearance of cellulite , strengthen the skin's dermal layer .

Simple recipe :

Approximately 450 g of beet juice can keep skin beautiful rosy complexion up to 12 hours. If you can not accept the beet juice , you can try beet salad , the beets and other vegetables , such as spinach, salad mix together to make it OK.


Lemon is known whitening share, it helps to remove fat-soluble toxins , and may lead to worsening of acne and oily skin secretions make . Lemon juice can emulsify fat, which helps to keep the skin moist . There limonoids flavonoid compounds contained in lemon peel , can kill bacteria in the mouth and gut and prevent acne caused by bacteria .

Simple recipe :

Starting from a glass of warm lemonade new day ! This has been in the beauty industry is not no secret , but to get a better detoxification , you need at least half a lemon juice. If you want to add more lemon in your diet , you can use lemon and olive oil to taste , lemon peel can also be used to fry vegetables.

Purple cabbage

Purple cabbage, purple with and the same as blueberry anthocyanins , which phytonutrients help reduce wrinkles , inhibit hyperpigmentation . Vitamin C content of purple cabbage is six times that of ordinary cabbage . Meanwhile , purple cabbage also contains detoxifying sulforaphane , can help remove toxins cause fine lines .

Simple recipe :

Fresh purple cabbage salad most suitable hot season , even if the pace of the fall unstoppable , but in the " hot autumn " of rampant , it may come to a purple cabbage salad bar , accompanied by carrot , olive oil , lemon juice can also be topped with oh .

Pumpkin Seeds

Rich in zinc , vitamin E, S and ω-3 fats, can promote skin healing, nourish and repair the skin and keep the skin moist pumpkin seeds, is not to be missed beauty to share . When you show skin damage , pumpkin seeds can also help to repair defective traces.

Simple recipe :

Best eaten raw. Because fried, boiled and other cooking process , which could damage the delicate fat. As a snack or salad ingredients or can be added to smoothies inside .

Tomato juice

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene , is the most natural sunscreen to help prevent damage caused by UVA and UVB . Especially to the seaside resort, or often swim , the best day a fresh tomato juice drink , however , do not entirely in the hands of tomato sunscreen , your sunscreen or use them . Of course, there are improvements tomato dull skin effect oh.

Simple recipe :

Avoid tomato skin pesticide residues , it is best to drink tomato juice, or you can cook a tomato soup.

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