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How to prevent eczema in infants in winter?

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 4:57:20 PM
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Winter is the peak period of infant eczema, so parents should do to prepare for war baby eczema, as the saying goes, "know yourself as well as the enemy, in order to battle", so before we begin to understand some of the knowledge of infantile eczema: eczema in children, commonly known as infantile eczema. Its pathogenesis is complex, allergic reactions in some hereditary factors of allergic constitution of environment in. The baby's skin is not perfect, the outermost layer of the epidermis cutin layer is thin, rich network of capillaries, endothelial moisture and chloride are more abundant, so prone to allergic reactions.

Department of Dermatology doctors, a lot of, cause of eczema in infants are: 1, to cattle and sheep milk, beef and mutton, fish, shrimp, eggs and other food allergies; 2, excessive feeding Erzhi indigestion; 3, too much sugar, resulting in abnormal fermentation intestines, intestinal parasites; 4; 5, 6, glare; soap, cosmetics, fine fiber fur, pollen, paint stimulation; 7, milk line contact ate some food allergenic or through breast milk, infant eczema effect; 8, also have a genetic tendency.

Infantile eczema in about 1 months after birth, early born after 1 ~ 2 weeks a skin rash, mainly occurs in the two cheeks, forehead and lower jaw, serious when can involve the chest and upper arm. At the beginning of the skin redness, above the needle size red papules, blisters, pustules, there may be little erosion surface, wet, exudate, and can form a scab, scab fall below the erosion surface, spot healing. A few weeks to a few months after the edematous erythema receded, the erosion surface disappear, dry skin, showing a little thin scab or scales.

So, how can we prevent Eczema? Department of Dermatology doctors. First of all, should as far as possible to avoid various etiological factors, such as laundry water, excessive use of soap, hard scratching and improper medication. Secondly, life should pay attention to avoid mental insecurity, overworked, do not eat hot pepper, fish, shrimp, crab or strong tea, alcohol, Coffee.

In addition, clothing should not be made of silk, wool and chemical fiber products. Usually need to maintain defecate unobstructed, adequate sleep, pay attention to the skin in winter. These can reduce the recurrence of eczema, to achieve the purpose of healing. Eczema is a recurrent features, treatment with better temporarily, soon relapse, so want to do good precaution work.

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