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Happy People Are Even Healthier But Healthy people Are Happy

Updated: Thursday, May 07,2009, 4:10:32 PM
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If it is said that healthy people are happy, a new study suggests that people who are happy and satisfied with their lives are healthier.
In addition, the benefit comes with fast, with more happiness may enhance health in as little as three years.

"Everything else being equal, if you are happy and satisfied with your life now, you are more likely to be healthy in the future. Importantly, our results are independent of several factors that influence health, such as smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption and age, "said lead author Mohammad Siahpush, Ph.D.

Siahpush is a professor of health promotion at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The study appears in the September / October issue of American Journal of Health Promotion.

Researchers examined data from two waves of a survey conducted in Australia in 2001 and 2004. Nearly 10,000 adults responded to questions about health indicators including the presence in the long term, limiting health conditions and physical health.

They used the question, ¡° In the past four weeks, have you been happy? ¡± to assess happiness.

They determined satisfaction with life by asking: "All things considered, how are you satisfied with your life?"

"We found strong evidence that happiness and life satisfaction have an effect on our indicators of health, ¡± said Siahpush.

Happiness and life satisfaction at the baseline survey were both associated with (1) excellent, good or very good health, (2) the absence of long-term, limiting health problems and (3 ) higher levels of physical health three years later.

In addition, the results suggest that improving happiness or life satisfaction might also lead to better health in the future.

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