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From the eyes can see whether you cancer

Updated: Thursday, Nov 20,2014, 3:44:35 PM
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Many people say, cancer is always silent, always most check out late in the. In fact, find cancer sometimes do not will be very difficult, the key is we have to pay attention to changes in their bodies, such as the eyes, skin and so on, some changes in these sites can tell us, to the cancer.


Two sizes, to guard against ocular tumor. The whites of the eyes and named "the sclera, yellow sclera, is jaundice, there may be liver, bile is ill, if the sclera has dark spots, beware of melanoma.


Skin long red papules, domed uplift in the skin surface, or for senile angioma, mainly in the trunk and limbs.


Painless breast lump length could be breast cancer. The best time of self-examination should be selected in the 5~7 days after menstruation, because these days the estrogen level minimum, breast is soft, no tenderness, easy to find abnormal.

Lymph node

If lymph node enlargement, pain, texture hard or soft, ulceration or touch the fluctuation, beware of lymphoma. The left supraclavicular lymph nodes found in the digestive tract tumor metastasis.

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