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Embrace 4 times a day to help lower blood pressure

Updated: Thursday, Jul 30,2015, 2:55:36 PM
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Embrace can improve the quality of life, so that life is always in a happy. According to Spain's "national newspaper" reported that many years engaged in the study of the elderly health care expert Alberto through the study found that the elderly are not only for the old etiquette, as is conducive to health. Experts said, when the use of a hug to the use of a number of sensory organs, visual, tactile, arm movements can activate the brain's excited cells, the most obvious is to lower blood pressure and promote blood circulation. In through to more than 500 elderly day embrace four times above and below four clinical trials found, embrace more than 4 times the old man of the organ health index significantly better than 4 times the following, the body is more healthy. Experts said that due to the different manners and habits of the nation, to embrace the interpretation is not the same, the European countries especially Spain meets salutes is veneer kiss and hug. The embrace of the object is not limited to their spouses, more relatives, junior, and friends, a hug, or a kiss can let people's physical and mental pleasure, feel young 30 to 40 years old. Experts said that the day is 4 times of such a hug, like to eat 4 times natural tonic, which is fill in the heart and feelings of special drugs, the effect is far more than most chemical drugs.

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