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Eating too much can bring about 6 serious diseases

Updated: Monday, Jul 11,2016, 3:30:16 PM
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1, stomach: the direct harm caused by eating too much is the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, indigestion. In addition, the human gastric mucosal epithelial cells are short, every 2-3 days should be repaired once. If the meal is absorbed, meal and fill the stomach, stomach is always in the bloated state, gastric mucosa is not easy to get a chance to fix the, gastric secretion of gastric juice, destruction of the gastric mucosa, barrier, resulting in inflammation of the stomach digestive symptoms, long in the past, may also gastric erosions, ulcers and other diseases.

2, fatigue: eating too much, will cause the brain slow response, accelerate the aging of the brain. People after eating, the body of the blood ran to the gastrointestinal system to "work", it is easy to make people long in the state of fatigue, sleep.

3, cancer: Japanese scientists pointed out that eat too full will resulted in the inhibition of cell cancerization factor mobility decreased, increasing the risk of cancer.

4, osteoporosis: long-term satiation easy to make too much bone decalcification, the probability of suffering from osteoporosis will be greatly improved.

5, kidney disease: excessive diet will harm the human urinary system, because too much of the non protein nitrogen to be discharged from the kidneys, is bound to increase the burden on the kidneys.

6, neurasthenia: dinner is too full, bulging stomach will be to the surrounding organs caused by oppression, the excited wave spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, induced neurasthenia.

Everything has a degree, and eating is the same. Eat too full will give the body to bring the disease, eat too little and can not reach the purpose of full belly, then in the end to eat the food to eat a bit full?

Nutritionists recommend that you have a meal to eat seven full, so people can't feel hungry, and don't as to eat too full so sad. It can also so as to maximize the body absorb nutrition won't nutrition surplus caused by obesity, eat so we follow a seven minute full principle is the best.

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