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Eat raw egg cause diseases, 4 kinds of raw food nutrition

Updated: Monday, Mar 07,2016, 2:48:35 PM
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In life, some food is requires no cooking, can be eaten raw, such as fruit, but some things if eaten raw, eating a lot of bacteria into the body, which brings to the body disease, and some may even be cause poisoning, let oneself and family overwhelmed. So, what can be eaten, which cannot be eaten, you must understand.

Remember that small, big people to eat in the discussion of eggs eaten raw and cooked, many adults to encourage their children to eat raw eggs, said to be like to eat is helpful to health, especially children eat a very loud voice, physical fitness is also very good, in fact, this argument is wrong, the scientific point of view, to eat raw eggs is get sick. Here we have to look at the detailed introduction.

Eat raw egg induced disease

The raw egg is not only the best nutrition, but also affect the health. Because the raw egg whites contain trypsin inhibitor and antibiotic proteins, trypsin inhibitor can make intestinal digestive enzymes (especially trypsin) was inhibited, will cause indigestion, antibiotic protein in the intestines and biological hormone (biotin is B vitamin A) combination, thus impeding biotin was absorbed in the intestine. Human lack of biotin, it will cause erythema, hair loss, loss of appetite, muscle pain, irritability or lethargy, anemia, growth retardation and so on a series of symptoms.

Raw sugar for parasites

Often parasitic mites in sugar, raw sugar disease are susceptible to mites. Mite is a hairy small insects, invisible, mites breeding in sugar quickly. If the mites into the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea and ulcer formation. If you enter the lungs, can cause hemoptysis, asthma. If you enter the urethra, can cause urinary tract inflammation. Therefore, sugar, it is best not to eat raw, before eating should heat treatment (usually heated to 70 degrees around to maintain the 3 minutes).

Raw Soybean Milk poisoning

Soybean Milk delicious taste, its nutritional value is lower than the milk. But drink not boiled milk, can cause systemic poisoning. Because it contains some harmful ingredients - antitrypsin, phenolic compounds and saponin etc. Students in Soybean Milk. Anti trypsin affect protein digestion and absorption; phenolic compounds can make the milk taste and smell; saponin to stimulate the digestive tract, causing vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and destruction of red blood cells, produce toxins, resulting in systemic poisoning.

There is a risk of raw salmon

Some people love to eat raw animal to "cure" or "health". "Health godmother" Ma Yueling "raw loach therapy" to a large number of people eat into the hospital, also does not allow people to think about the risks and benefits of these "alternative medicine" from the bottom up, just simply think the victim of bad luck, hit the "bad loach. The security risk of the salmon and other fish mainly from in four aspects: heavy metal pollution, biological toxins, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. The heavy metal pollution is determined by the water quality of fish, and the biological toxin is produced by some algae and fungi in the water body. They are determined by the source of the fish, little effect on subsequent processing, raw and cooked food is not much different. So, to avoid the risk of these two, only through the regular source of fish to ensure. There are a variety of salmon may be infected with parasites, the most common is anisakids. If the amount is relatively large, will produce acute food poisoning; even if eating less, it may lead to the human body in the future of the nematode allergy.

Small raw beef

Many people like eating Western-style food in small or medium roast beef, request. But because of raw beef without disinfection, bacteria easily in raw meat and blood in growth and reproduction. In addition, some students also contain beef tapeworm, some western countries citizens of Toxoplasma infection rate can be as high as 70% to 80%. Manufacturing beef patties of fine cattle meat the most easily hidden Salmonella and Escherichia coli, eradication of these bacteria to 160 DEG C temperature is reached.

4 kinds of food eaten more nutritious

1, bean sprouts

In the traditional practices and sprouts are commonly used for soup or stir fried, even if the cold will first with boiling water Cheuk hot and cold cold, but foreign salad is often eaten raw bean sprouts, Vietnamese cuisine often appear students sprouts Zuo food to eat. Raw sprouts not only retain more vitamin C, the taste is crisp and delicious.

2, cauliflower

Is generally believed that cauliflower is to Chao after hot to eat, but in Europe and the United States, cauliflower, torn into small pieces directly added egg yolk sauce and mix well after eating it is common practice. Not only refreshing taste, but also give people a feeling similar to eat carrots and lettuce salad, love people may wish to try.

3, mushroom

Mushroom slices after adding salad mix to eat is also very common in other countries, because the mushroom itself is very delicious. But note that the mushroom is easy to change color, best before eating slice after slice can add a little lemon juice to prevent discoloration of mushroom, taste and vision will be more good.

4, okra

Will okra and cut into thin slices, add a little natto after the shop in udon noodles food is Japanese often have to eat, add a little soy sauce and skipjack stem will become one of the common tapas.

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