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Diet and Asthma

Updated: Tuesday, Jun 30,2009, 10:34:59 AM
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Losing weight can help in managing asthma, and combined with a more active lifestyle, can also help to improve lung function.

Remember, just avoiding your triggers alone is unlikely to control your asthma. You need to take regular asthma medicines as well.

Base your healthy eating plan around a variety of foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and cereals. It is recommended that you eat five portions of fruit or vegetables every day and drink plenty of water.

Most people with asthma do not have to follow a special diet. In some cases, certain foods including cow's milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, yeast products, nuts, and some food colourings and preservatives, can make symptoms worse. People with asthma are also recommended to avoid Royal Jelly products as they may trigger symptoms. If you think you have a food allergy, contact your doctor or nurse for further advice.

Some foods have also been found to help protect against asthma and improve lung function.

Dutch research has shown that people who ate the most fruit and vegetables had the healthiest lung function. Vitamin C and E are also believed to help reduce the severity of the inflammatory response in the lungs of people with asthma. A diet that includes a high level of nutrients can also boost the immune system and help ward off colds and flu-both common asthma triggers.

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