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Chinese medicine beauty you caring hormone

Updated: Saturday, Apr 04,2009, 10:08:59 PM
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Hormone, hormone English said, which means "to make something operational." Yes, the hormones in the blood flow of non-stop once it reaches its destination, the goal on the attachment at the cell surface and stimulate its special features from the skiLongBiao

Hormone, hormone English said, which means "to make something operational." Yes, the hormones in the blood flow of non-stop once it reaches its destination, the goal on the attachment at the cell surface and stimulate its special features from the ski...

"Hormone" is a what? This guy let a woman beautiful, it runs on our existence and the whole body. With it, a woman was the sun and rain like the rain, full of fragrance and splendid; Without it, the body of a woman as the flowers wither, the days are nearly... ... beauty hormones, allow the Chinese to put its pulse!

"Hormone" What pulse?

Hormone, hormone English said, which means "to make something operational." Yes, the hormones in the blood flow of non-stop once it reaches its destination, the goal on the attachment at the cell surface and stimulate its special features from the skin to sexuality, from the bone growth to reproduction, from thinking to feeling nothing do not pack. Where the hormone comes from? It is produced by glands within the body. Within the human body including the pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal gland, thymus, and pineal gland and so on. Such a variety of endocrine gland will have a variety of hormones, is it such a variety of hormones, such a pattern to our lives.

The situation in the following game if he meets you, you will note a "YES", you write down each and every one "YES", have 10 hours, 60 minutes pass. Friends fail Please read the following article and can ask the doctor of Chinese medicine for caring, 23 eat Chinese, bar-one on two courses of acupuncture and moxibustion.

No. 1 way small medicine teaching

Hormone pulse: breast problem

Within the pituitary gland in the human body are the most important endocrine gland through the secretion of various hormones, directly or indirectly, to regulate and control the body's endocrine activity. Hormone secreted by one of its "prolactin", by the 199 amino acid residues of the women are bringing up the baby to the United States and hormone breast. It is not only active built, round female breast, and the maintenance of the normal mammary secretion, so that we are far away from the disease of the breast!

Beauty solutions: the United States, "Hey,"

If you are a small breast MM, or there is some question of breast, Chinese medicine will give you out the following sub-relaxed small prescription: Liver depression belong to type, they are advised liver qi can be served Xiaoyao pill, xiaojinensis tablets pills Rupixiao , rhinoceros yellow. Belong to the type of kidney-yin deficiency of liver, liver and kidney should be adjusted up to serve Liuweidihuangwan, to two pills, at the same time sharing the small saver. In addition, many, white radish, oyster, etc. Qi Sanjie of goods, food and drugs, such as rapid activation of prolactin hormone, and rapid access to breast tubes, speeding up the breast blood circulation, improve milk vitality, beauty and health so that the chest a win-win situation.

No. 2-type teaching style smile

Hormone pulse: Infertility

It should be said that women's ovaries, the testes of male body are the essential sex organs, ovaries and testes to protect the function of normal, first of all, the hypothalamus, pituitary function must be normal to the normal gonadotropin secretion. Since the hypothalamus and pituitary are the competent bodies of ovarian, if these organizations have cancer, inflammation, injury and other diseases, it is difficult to the normal gonadotropin secretion. As a result, both men and women, he (she) will be the impact on reproductive function, specific to women can cause infertility.

Beauty best: smiling is good medicine without prescription

Abnormal gonadal function, on behalf of the hormone status of the instability, how to prevent gonadal endocrine disorders, Chinese medicine also give a different prescription. Experts said that the human body gland is not working correctly, run easily cause blood disorders, there Dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders or uterine fibroids and other issues, apart from traditional Chinese medicine according to each person's physical condition conditioning blood, stasis Sanjie for Differential Treatment of foreign that sentiment has some of the impact of endocrine. Positive emotions tend to make sex hormones stability, smiling face of your livelihood, happy is the best solution.

No. 3-type teaching style acupuncture

Hormone pulse: Obesity

Some of our body's metabolism of estrogen can help us fat, in order to maintain the marvelous body, such as "lipolytic hormones" to be able to play this role. And other hormones, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine can make this increase in lipase activity, we also put epinephrine, norepinephrine called "lipolytic hormones," they have to speed up the decomposition of glycogen, to promote the role of lipolysis. Sometimes we can see that some people on the age, body shape, become fat, that is, the relative lack of this hormone caused a sign of aging.

Beauty solutions: see lean 1 Needle

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine by regulating the adrenal cortex associated with the system so that endocrine imbalance will be corrected. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, acupuncture will speed up the body of energy conversion and consumption, so that the body such as increased body temperature, sweating recessive, so that weight loss. Acupuncture to be able to better adjust the physiological function, to clear the meridians, improve organ function, so apart from having anti-obesity, but also adjust the overall physiological function of various disorders, those who lose weight a lot of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other diseases can be improved .

No. 4-type sleep-style teaching

Hormone pulse: insomnia

Pineal gland on the brain, also known as secreted angiotensin melanocytes, this hormone has inhibited the process of strengthening the central role to promote sleep. Synthesis of its regulation by light during the day to reduce its concentration, increased night. So, if we are secreted by the pineal angiotensin normal melanocytes, to our advantage is that the most realistic, there is a good sleep every day.

A pleasure: nourishing to the bones

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that by the thought too many sleepless nights, damage caused by Heart. Treatment for many sedative sedative, Yang Xin Qi, stable angiotensin melanocytes. Here repose recommend health practices of Chinese medicine: If you difficult to fall asleep, take a half lateral position, both hands on the navel, the tongue licking on the palate, the whole body relax. Want to sleep for a short period of time and sleep the best results, put it best sleeping arrangements for you at 22:30 to 2:30 the next day. Since this period of time and temperature drop in hormone levels, a variety of physiological functions at a low ebb, very easy to sleep.

The balance of hormones to maintain normal female menstrual cycle, fertility and maintenance of a strong female charm an important prerequisite, it is defense diseases, the key anti-aging! Advocating natural at safety today, acupuncture because of its firming, slimming, enhance fertility, to maintain such areas as sexual vitality and effectiveness of magic a great deal of attention, but also as the "Seamless plastic surgery" and popular abroad. Its potential to mobilize their own meridians, two-way regulation, regulation and control "the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian," the female-specific endocrine axis, a fundamental solution to hormone imbalance caused by the cold palace infertility, sexual problem cold!

Detect your game "Hormone" happiness index

1. Look in the mirror for you is a happy thing, because you clean the skin of their own quite satisfactory.

2. The face of the lover exciting, you feel there is a strong desire to near him.

3. To the gym is not a painful exercise you do, because you are still lightyo!

4. You do not have dental disease is often intrusive, most of the teeth strong and healthy: "Shannon do eat them, the body times the bar."

5. You go shopping is the favorite shopping, because you have good build up, it is easy to pick the latest clothing style and upper part of the body go.

6. You do not think he was a woman of bad temper, but also very happy and polite to others to speak gas.

7. Vaginal dryness problems that you do not question. You are very sweet and intimate.

8. At a time when to do breast examination, the doctor will tell you quickly: "no problem, very good, normal!"

9. Sleep for you is a pleasant thing, one you can always sleep on a pillow to pay big morning sleep.

10. At present, so that you have pursued a bus 10 meters away, you are still full of passion!

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