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Cause of death in leukemia

Updated: Friday, Dec 04,2009, 4:33:14 PM
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As a general awareness of leukemia is difficult to rule, the final result is of course incurable, died. In fact, according to observation and analysis, many patients with leukemia or disease since the mistake is to delay death. Following the death of leukemia to make a Analysis.

1, died. Due to acute leukemia, ferocious, there are about 20% of patients after onset of treatment or have just had time to begin treatment on the dead. This includes:

① primary drug resistance can not be alleviated, but the ratio is not high;

② severe bleeding, intracranial hemorrhage is especially high mortality rate, accounting for more than 50% of early death;

③ severe infection, antimicrobial drug treatment is poor, more than occurred in untreated late;

④ poor health, heart, lung, liver, kidney failure, and many more occurred after chemotherapy;

⑤ These patients were either dangerous due to disease type, and partly unconscious of various delays, did not timely diagnosis and treatment of exacerbations results.

2, inability to medical treatment. The high cost of treatment of leukemia, the family can bear this burden of about less than 20%, a large number of patients with early East Cou produced by the West to fight a little money and even the seller of 1 to 2 months on the run out, and some patients had to delay or even stop treatment ; many would have been the hope for cure of patients end their lives this way. There are reports that: China's number of annual incidence of AL in children of about 1.5 million people, can scientific and standardized treatment in only 1 / 10.

3, delay medical treatment.

① multiple doctor. Some patients and diseases are on the diagnosis and treatment in a hospital often do not trust, go to a number of hospital for treatment, ran about busily, delay of treatment or treatment of the continuity, so that disease progression. In fact, as early as one hour, on acute leukemia with chemotherapy are meaningful.

② partial letter misleading. Do not think that chemotherapy can cure leukemia, misleading, I believe that there are a panacea, and some still pray to spend a lot.

③ left to chance. Traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate chemotherapy or service resumed after the government are not serious, leading to recurrence of death. For the first time when the majority of patients relapse can be quickly re-ease. In particular, patients with Chinese herb to ease faster and most of the good quality of life, and some patients even with ordinary people the same, does not know that cancer cells in vivo is still not clean, or are a large number of breeding. Ease consecutive months, a good quality of life circumstances, many patients and the sick are even more not to relapse as a thing, any how you remind and warn them: definitely not careless or chemotherapy must be on time and in sufficient quantities and serious medication. However, most of no avail. The result is l to 3 months of relapse, who was a panic, the economy is powerless, and so on from scratch, and then added seriously lost faith in government, and finally come to naught, both life and wealth.

④ superstition hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Currently popular in the community reference is: hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is the only way to cure leukemia, thus creating a misunderstanding that had hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can cure all of the leukemia. Literature at home and abroad point of view, died in cases of transplantation by about the first l / 3 to 1 / 5, increased the success rate of transplantation, but anti-relapse remains a problem, after a successful transplantation 3 years and 5-year survival rate What seems to be no increase, only about 70% and 40%. As for the l0-year survival rate, but also not seen statistical reports. Therefore, one can say is make part of the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in patients with long-term survival and cure, is better than chemotherapy alone. As the transplanted gene pairs difficulties and high costs, this method is not a popular method of treatment.

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