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Can epilepsy be fatal?

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 07,2010, 4:52:17 PM
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Most people with epilepsy lead a full life span. However, the risk of premature death is to increase the number, which depends on several factors:

    * In some cases, epilepsy is a basic condition for more serious symptoms, such as cancer, stroke or an increased risk of death with one.

    Who and epilepsy continue to experience significant decline or injury from their head, may occasionally be life-threatening seizure of certain types of * people were injured.

    * A long time or rapid onset of continuous seizures, a condition called status epilepticus. * Can be life threatening. Seizures sometimes occur suddenly stop using drugs.

    * Few people can experience sudden death with epilepsy (SUDEP). These events are not well understood, although sometimes they were suspected of custody due to cardiac rhythm disturbances. (Sudden death due to heart rhythm disturbances, of course, but also in the general population.) Risk of sudden death is not the increase in all types of epilepsy, but more between the occurrence of large seizures, especially generalized tonic-clonic seizures those who are not well controlled.

To a large extent, it seems optimal control seizures and some common-sense safety measures can reduce the risk of epilepsy-related deaths.

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